Wildlife Biologist

Chip Ruthven; Interviewer: Katie

Wildlife Biologist, Part 1 (Real Media)

Wildlife Biologist, Part 2 (Real Media)

Being a Wildlife Biologist is one of our most coveted positions, and candidates find it a very competitive process. Wildlife biologists, researchers and analysts manage species and habitats. Positions in the Wildlife Division range from fish and wildlife technicians, specialists in game, nongame and migratory species, and program managers who devise partnerships and creative landowner incentive programs that encourage habitat preservation on private lands.

Texas horned lizard with radio backpack

Keeping records of horned lizards tracked

Searching for eggs in an alligator nest

Measuring a tree as part of habitat analysis

Weighing a tortoise

Suspected bear den

Searching the map for potential bear habitat

A tranquilized mountain lion

Collaring a mountain lion for radio tracking

Transmitter for radio tracking wildlife

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