Critters that Live in Caves

Cave Critters (Windows Media) | Cave Critters (Real Media)

Mammals, such as this Deermouse

Reptiles, such as this Rattlesnake

Amphibians, such as this Salamander

Endangered Cave Creatures

Bone Cave Harvestman
(Texella reyesi)

Tooth Cave Pseudoscorpion
(Tartarocreagris texana)

Tooth Cave Spider
(Neoleptoneta myopica)

Tooth Cave Ground Beetle
(Rhadine persephone)

Kretschmarr Cave Mold Beetle
(Texamaurops reddelli)

Texas Blind Salamander
(Eurycea (Typhlomolge)rathbuni)

Greater Long-nosed bat
(Leptonycteris nivalis)

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