Cave Etiquette and Safety

  1. Kids should never explore caves without an adult.
  2. Take at least 4 reliable sources of light per person (flashlight, carbide lamp, candle, etc.) Also take extra batteries and matches.
  3. Never, ever, go in a cave alone. The minimum is four people. If someone gets hurt, one person can stay with the hurt person while two go for help. One person should wait at the entrance to the cave while the fourth person notifies the Sheriff or Park Rangers. This makes it easier to find the cave again when the rescuers arrive.
  4. ALWAYS tell a responsible adult exactly where you are going and when you'll be back.
  5. Don't run or jump in a cave. Even a sprained ankle can be deadly in a cave.
  6. Don't go in a cave when there is rain predicted for the area. Caves often flood suddenly.
  7. Never touch or damage stalactites or other cave formations. These take thousands of years to grow. Even a light touch of a finger is enough to mar one!
  8. Get the cave owner's permission before visiting the cave.
  9. Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints; kill nothing but time.

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