Opinion Poll

Below are the results of the opinion polls.

1. I believe I can make a difference to help my community conserve water.

2. People should pay more money for water so they will conserve it.

3. We should protect water for wildlife as much as we do for people, agriculture and industry.

4. Media campaigns will help encourage more people to conserve water.

  •  17% (2948) I strongly agree. People are influenced by the media.
  •  17% (2964) I agree a little.
  •  17% (2970) I disagree a little.
  •  17% (2963) I strongly disagree. People won't change because of what they're told.
  •  17% (2958) I don't know how I feel about this.
  •  17% (2939) I don't understand the question.

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