John Jay High School Presentation

Lord of the Aquifer: Return of the Catfish

by John Jay Science and Math Academy
San Antonio, Texas

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What happens when many different people compete for the same water? Watch this skit to find out!

The new water user in town
-- a catfish farm.

Skippy Sierra
is alarmed!

The catfish needs
more water.

SAWS is worried about
demands for more water.

But Carmen San Antonio
loves her fish tacos!

Oh boy, the media
loves controversy!

Uncle Sam steps in -- is someone right and someone wrong? Who is responsible?


Sponsors: Ms. Still and Ms. Christensen

Klye as Sven of SAWS
and Producer

Alexis as Caprica
the Catfish Farmer

Robert as Nemo the Catfish and Slyvester the Sly Reporter

Elisha as Skippy Sierra

John Paul as Eddie of the Edwards Aquifer

Jessica as Carmen San Antonio

Bradley as Uncle Sam

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