Buffalo Soldiers

Coming: The Buffalo Soldiers - PBS show (9 min)

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Learning about the Buffalo Soldiers and a trip to Fort McKavett

Listen and Learn:

Who were the Buffalo Soldiers? Why was it started?
What contribution did the Buffalo Soldiers make to Texas?
Were there any famous Buffalo Soldiers?
What was life like for the soldiers before they joined the CCC?
How did their lives change in the Buffalo Soldiers?

To Discuss:

How did learning about the Buffalo Soldiers change people's lives?
Were the Buffalo Soldiers in your area of Texas?
What was the impact of the Buffalo Soldiers in Texas?
What was the relationship of the Buffalo Soldiers with other groups such as Vacqueros?
Why did the Buffalo Soldiers end?
How would you compare the Buffalo Soldiers to the National Guard? The CCC? AmeriCorps?
Are there other untold stories in history books?

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