Birds and Bugs of the Desert

The desert is home to many bird and insect species. Kelly Bryan, Natural Resource Specialist from Del Rio, talks to us about the birds of the desert and how best to view them

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Zone tailed hawk
Zone-tailed hawk carrying a branch to a nearby nest
Great Horned Owl
Great horned owl
Western screech owl
Western screech owl
The Elf owl, the smallest North American owl is common at Big Bend Ranch State Park.
Rare tufted flycatcher
Rare tufted flycatcher. These photographs represented only the second occurrence of this species in the United States.
Another picture tufted flycatcher
Another view of the tufted flycatcher.
A roadrunner headed for the nature trail.
Female Lazuli bunting
female lazuli bunting

In wetlands (or cienegas), a male Cinnamon teal
A Virginia raila male cinnamon teal
A Virginia rail
The most common quail at Big Bend Ranch State Park, the Scaled quail.
Rock Wren
Rock wren
Mountain plover in desert grasslands
Mountain plover in desert grasslands
Female plover with hatched chick
female plover with a freshly hatched chick
Acorn Woodpecker
Acorn Woodpecker (note: this was a banded bird and the band number could be read from an enlargement of this photo - it was one of only 10 bands and this individual was determined to be over 9 years old, the longevity record for this species!)

A say's phoebe songbird

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