Warnock Center/Desert Plants

Barton Warnock Environmental Education Center

David Long talks talks to us about the founder of the Barton Warnock Environmental Education Center and the plants of the desert

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Hinckley Oak
The rare and endangered Hinckley Oak - it is found in the Solitario
False-button cactus
False-button cactus - How big is it? see next slide
smaller than a penny
That's right, smaller than a penny!
real button cactus
This is a real button cactus. The red pods are not flowers, but the fruit that forms when the flower drops off.
other button cactus
This is the other button cactus found in the park - notice the fruit is much smaller and needles much denser at the crown.
horse crippler cactus
The horse crippler cactus
strawberry cactus
The strawberry cactus, one of the most common cacti in the park
cactus is growing out of bare rock

This cactus is growing out of bare rock

Columbine, found in the wetter canyons of the park.

ocotillo flower
An ocotillo flower which only occurs after rain falls
bluebonnet covered desert
A bluebonnet covered desert. Spring flower season occurs in February and March following the wetter years.
pink bluebonnets
pink bluebonnets
white bluebonnets
white bluebonnets
Rio Grande Cottonwood
Perhaps the largest tree located on the park is the "Rio Grande Cottonwood" with a trunk almost 8 feet in diameter. It stands approximately 100 feet tall and has a crown of 75 feet.
A view up the main trunk
A view up the main trunk
base of tree
For scale, note the person standing near the base of tree

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