Ranching at Big Bend Ranch State Park

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Learn about Big Bend Ranch and the ranching tradition at Big Bend Ranch State Park

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First, See Views of the Ranch

ranch map

How the Ranch Complex is laid out


Hiking at the Ranch


Green among the desert


The Ranch has mountains and canyons.


Precious, historic rock art called pictographs

people and rock

Native Americans used these rock overhangs as shelter, evidenced by rock art.


These round holes, called "tinajas" are worn into the rock by pebbles swirled around by fast moving stream.

cactus and canyon

Sunset at the Ranch

trail ride in the park

There are equestrian trails in the park. The Texas Trail Riders Association provided horses and guides for this trip! They are a group of riders who love to ride around the state and do many service projects to help others enjoy this.

horse and rider in the shadows

stopping for a drink

ride next to the mountains

trail bosses

Trail rides have t rail bosses. They lead the riders, and everyone follows their commands.

near canyon lake

Cattle at Big Bend Ranch State Park

Cattle at Big Bend Ranch State Park


Longhorns graze in the fields.

Big Bend cattle drive

There is an annual Big Bend cattle drive!

cattle round-up

People learn how to be a cowboy during the cattle round-up.

driving through the gulch

Cowboys are driving cattle through the gulch.

cowgirls, Michelle from Arlington, and Lori from Grapevine

Lots of people try out this life. Here are two "cowgirls," Michelle from Arlington, and Lori from Grapevine

The ranch hosts photography workshops. Take a look at what you can see there, and you'll know why this is so popular here!

light to your back

Two ways to use a sunset to your advantage. First, with the light to your back.

face the sunset

Then face the sunset; this desert tinaja takes on a completely different look.

sunsets with clouds

Sunsets; best if the sun is just behind the clouds. Note the rays.

more clouds

The more the clouds vary the more the depth afforded the picture.

Oso Peak

Last, but not least, this sunset at Big Bend Ranch State Park highlighting the highest peak on the park, Oso Peak.

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