Artist Bio: Karen Carr

Dinosaur Artist

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More than 65 million years ago a tropical swamp alive with dinosaurs covered the geographic area known today as the Chihuahuan Desert. A new painting by artist Karen Carr of Plano shows the ancient landscape as it may have looked when Tyrannosaurus Rex stalked the land along with duck-billed dinosaurus (Hadrosaurs) and Alamosaurus. Quetzalcoatlus, the largest flying dinosaur, ruled the sky.

Karen Carr joined our webcast on February 16th and tell us how she creates dinosaurs and other creatures using the information scientists and paleontologists provide. Ms. Carr is working with Dr. Louis Jacobs and Mike Polcyn to create an original mural and reconstruction of material from Israel for a National Geographic Grant project. She is internationally published and exhibited, works with paleontologists, biologists and other scientists and has created many original (first time) paintings of extinct mammals and dinosaurs. Her work appears in Earth Magazine, Natural History Magazine, Oasis and other natural history magazines and books. She works with museums, zoos and aquariums all over the country and has just sold a bronze and a mural to the Fukui Museum in Japan. She works with major exhibit agencies and state agencies. Visit her web site at
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