Suspects: Tenontosaurus & Acrocanthosaurus

Dale Winkler

Suspects: Tenontosaurus & Acrocanthosaurus (Real Media)

Tenontosaurus could walk on two legs, but stood on four to eat.

Name - Tenontosaurus
Description - 20 feet, 1 ton, powerful, tail, may have used for defense. An ornithopod, capable of standing on two legs. Known as an ornithopod. Nicknames: "bird foot" or "duck-bill"
Habits - plant eater. Teeth of Deinonyshcus often seen with bones of Tenontosaurus.
Last seen - Early Cretaceous, 110 - 105 million years ago, Central Texas.

Acrocanthosaurus standing on two feet

Name - Acrocanthosaurus
Description - 30 feet, 3 tons, very sharp serrated teeth, powerful front forelimbs and sharp claws, spiny ridge along back.
Habits - meat-eater, may also have been a scavenger.
Last seen -Early Cretaceous, about 105 million years ago, Central Texas.

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