Discovering Tenontosaurus

Ted and Thad Williams

A Kid's Discovery - A New Dinosaur Part 1 (Real Media)

A Kid's Discovery - A New Dinosaur Part 2 (Real Media)

How the encrusted bones looked in bottom of dry creekbed.

Day of discovery (Aug. 6, 1988) turtle shell with dino bones.

Ted and Thad brought a few loose bones home to show Mom.

Part of the dinosaur's foot along with Thad's foot..

Ted and Thad helping to number and bag some loose bones.

Thad helping to dig for the buried bones.

Paleontologists mapping the discovery site.

One of the dinosaur's complete hind foot as it was dug up.

The same hind foot cleaned up for display at the museum.

Thad at the Dec.' 88 press conference with Tenontosaurus dossi

Ted, Debbie, Thad at July '98 press conference for the official naming of our dinosaur (in background) Tenontosaurus dossi

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