Goliad – Mission Rosario State Historical Park

Map of the Rosario Mission
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Mission Rosario Ruins

The site of the remains of Mission Nuestra Señora del Rosario, a 4.8-acre tract four miles west of Goliad on U.S. Highway 59, was donated to the state in 1935 by William J. O'Connor. Since taking ownership of the site in 1971, TPW has carefully limited visitation to protect the site's archeological resources. Currently, the site may only be visited by appointment with park staff at Goliad SHP.

The Mission Rosario site contains the largely undisturbed remains of an important Spanish Colonial mission. Established as part of a larger plan to colonize and settle the Texas frontier, the mission was founded to "reduce" or convert to Christianity the Karankawa people, an indigenous tribe. The archeological record at the site provides opportunities for scholarly research and for educating the public about the process of archeology. New research and interpretation challenge the stereotype of the Karankawas as simply "savage" cannibals.

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