Taking a Vegetation Profile

At the Water with the Kids

Steps in Taking a Vegetation Profile (Real Media)

Biologists look at vegetation profiles to determine what plants grow at different elevations.

First, our students must use poles to determine the begining and end point for the profile.

A string will establish a line for the profile. Mark equal measures along on the string.

Tie string to each pole.

Stretch the string across the test area.

Obtaining a vegetation profile.

Looking at what is growing and how tall it is at the marks along the string.

Obtaining a vegetation profile at a far point from the water.

Taking data.

Taking data at the water's edge.

Comparing vegetation at the shoreline.

Plants vary along the vegetation profile line.

Obtaining a vegetation profile, step 13

Obtaining a vegetation profile, step 14

Plants are taller farther from the water's edge.


These plants are resistant to the salt spray, and actually have a lot of salt in them.

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