Our Huff Wagon Train Diary
Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Six Mile Waterhole Camp to Fort McKavett

From: Catarina, Dani, Maria, Paige, Stephen, William

Today we woke up a great breakfast -- egg burrito. We spent the night in a show barn. Some of the people slept under "the ledge" - it was an experience!

Three new wagons joined up with us today. We now have a total of nine wagons. Mr Coate had us talk about the introduction to the Huff diary. We practiced teaching it to other people. Then we learned ab out the Buffalo Soldiers. They are the 9th and 10th Cavalry. They were called Buffalo Soldiers because they were fierceness, their curly hair, dark eyes and buffalo clothes they wore. The Buffalo Soldiers program was an experiment expected to fail. The government wanted to see if black soldiers could do everything white soldiers could do. They found out they had less deserters, a good army and the first Black Medal of Honor winners, presented right here at Fort McKavett.

We rode the wagons for 8 miles today. We ate lunch at the hunting grounds gate. We stopped at the Fort McKavett cemetery. We learned that they had floods and the tombstones went away so about 50 people are buried there without headstones.

Then we joined with Waco and Menard students. It was cool. We got to walk around the fort and learned how people lived here. We tried on the Buffalo Soldier uniforms and we "enlisted" in the 1860s army. We had to march and do drills. It was hard but fun. Some of us had to try to pushups and situps. If the uniforms didn't fit, you had to put them over your arms. The bottom of shoes were metal, the rest of it was leather. There was no right or left shoe. You often didn't get the right size.

Some of the boys did flag detail. We practiced marching and then did the real thing. All of us had to stand at attention while the flag was coming down and being folded up. We had to show respect for the flag and all the soldiers who fought in the wars.

Then we had a wonderful barbeque dinner made by Fort McKavett volunteers. The sausage was great. So were the ribs. We even had goat.

Tonight we're sleeping in the barracks which is a real treat. The barracks are large rooms lit by lanterns. We're looking forward to a good night here.

Cat: It was fun today. I'm looking forward to staying with the wagon train even though it's a short period of time.

Dani: Ms. Glomb, we're having a lot of fun and it's not as cold as I thought it would be. The sausage was awesome.

Stephen: Today was really cool learning about the fort and eating the good food....I miss my mommy. (ha-ha)

Paige: I've had a lot of fun and I can't wait until tomorrow.

Maria: I like Nancy, she's nice....and I hope she gives me a million dollars. But since she won't, I'll give her a hug. I miss my mommy, too. Boo hoo. But I'm having fun.

William: Eight more days of roughing it out and then relief!

The following is a photo gallery from the trip. If you have questions, please contact us at education@tpwd.state.tx.us


This educational project is a partnership venture of Madera Unified School District, Madera, California; the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; the Texas Historical Commission; and the many generous and gracious communities along the route.

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