Huff Wagon Train
Comparison of Our Journey to Huff's

How does pioneer life, specifically as described in Huff's diary, compare to our experience?

What is Similar

We have mules pulling wagons. We're mostly following the same route. They were frustrated at times. People get sad or homesick on long journeys. We'll both finish our journey. We're keeping journals, writing and drawing pictures. We have a wagontrain boss. Some days are long, tiring but fun. We had to establish rules for camp life and learn to work together. Outriders rode along. We both have lanterns. Huff and we have people joining us along the way.

What is Different

Children are on this wagontrain. Buffalo Soldiers are accompanying us, but they were not in place in 1849. We may be warmer and have warmer clothes. Our medicines are better. We have satellite phones for emergencies. We have stoves in our tents to keep warm. We have enough provisions with us. We have people in trailers with us (ground support). We're traveling in winter (January) instead of summer (June - July). We have paper products. We have lots of women with us. We have cameras. We know what's ahead of us. We have water whenever we want. We have restrooms on the go. Dinner is prepared for us. Camp is set up as we arrive. We haven't lost any mules - yet. (We hope we don't at Horsehead Crossing.)


This educational project is a partnership venture of Madera Unified School District, Madera, California; the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; the Texas Historical Commission; and the many generous and gracious communities along the route.

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