Huff Wagon Train
Proclamation of Authenticity

read on the steps of the Texas State Capitol, Austin, January 25, 2005

WHEREAS, William P. Huff was one of Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred, and

WHEREAS, Mr. Huff did join the California Gold Rush in 1849, and

WHEREAS, he was one of the first Texas Argonauts to follow the Upper Emigrant Road, and

WHEREAS, he meticulously recorded his journey to California in two ledger books, and

WHEREAS the Gold Rush Diary of WIlliam P. Huff was made available to several history classes by David Ewing Stewart, great, great grandson of William P. Huff, and

WHEREAS those history classes have thoroughly researched the Huff journals, and

WHEREAS in January 2005 students from California and Texas retraced Huff's route in covered wagons, and

WHEREAS, as a result of this archival and trail research, we the undersigned Huff Historians do hereby attest that the Huff journal is the most significant Southern Trail gold rush diary to yet surface;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Huff Historians commend the Gold Rush Diary of William P. Huff to the academic community so that the man and his writing can be rescued from oblivion, thus correcting a serious case of historical amnesia.


This educational project is a partnership venture of Madera Unified School District, Madera, California; the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; the Texas Historical Commission; and the many generous and gracious communities along the route.

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