Huff Wagon Train: Staff and Volunteers

Thanks to the following staff and volunteers who made this adventure possible:

The Stewarts, Diary Owners and Descendants of William P. Huff
David (Bud) Ewing Stewart – Great, great grandson
Deborah Stewart – Historian, Wife of Bud Stewart
Melva Stewart – Great, great, great granddaughter
Savana Stewart – Great, great, great granddaughter
Hannah – Great, great, great great granddaughter

Madera Method Wagon Train - Madera, California
Bill Coate – Teacher, Leader and Inspriation
John Diedrich – Head Wagonmaster, Trail Boss
Brenda Maxwell – Head Outrider
Donnie Maxwell – Outrider
Ed Swilley– Outrider
Lydia Swilley – Support Services, Logistics, Cook
Sheryl Berry – Food Service, Head Cook
Bette Tiegen – Outrider, Driver
Doug Sordi – Outrider
Ray Barger – Outrider
Steve Stagner – Outrider
Darlene Stagner – Outrider
John Barker – Outrider
Dee Barker – Logistics
DJ Laubacher – Outrider
Rick Harman – Outrider
Dail Harman – Support Services, Logistitics, Cook
Daniel Locke – Outrider
Danny Locke – Outrider

Willey Family, TD Willey Farms – Donation of 1500 pounds of Fresh Vegetables and Fruit

Landowners in Texas/New Mexico who graciously hosted the Wagon Train
Cesar Serna – Sponsor, Serna Ranch, Socorro, TX
Robert Rice – Sponsor, Hueco Rock Ranch, TX
Roger Turner – Sponsor, Hueco Ranch, TX
Bobby and Pat Jones – Sponsor, Cornudas Ranch, NM
Buddy and Wade Bennett - Sponsor, Bennett Ranch
Gene and Debbie Cowden - Sponsor, Cowden Ranch
Rick & Jennifer Fowler - Letter B Ranch
Larry & Jane Handlin - Handlin Ranch
Helen Cutrer - Jacobs Livestock Ranch
Ed Anderson - Anderson Ranch
Cory & Sheridan Pettit - Flying P Ranch
James Powell – Sponsor, Powell Ranch
Col. Richard McTaggart – Sponsor, Clear Creek Ranch, TX

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Robert Cook, Executive Director – Support and Funding
Ken Pollard, Interpretation & Exhibits Branch – Project Director

From TPWD Martin Creek Lake SP
Dee Dowd – Deputy Director, Utility Plant Operator

From TPWD Austin HQ - Infrastructure
Selton Williams – Deputy Director

From TPWD Austin HQ – Interpretation & Exhibits Branch

Jennifer Logan – Assistant Project Director
Shirley Monagas – Administrative Coordinator and Chief Financial Officer
Rudy Garcia – Logistics
Tim Hays – Logistics

From TPWD Urban Outdoors Programs
Tim Spice – Deputy Director, Assistant Cook
Karl Cloninger – Trail Boss
Nancy Herron – Webmaster, Education Coordinator, Project Photographer
Cappy Manly – Logistics, Web photos assistant
Ann Miller – Logistics, Web page assistant
Karen Marks – Logistics, Web email assistant

From TPWD Hueco Tanks State Park
John Moses – Park Manager
Danny Lee – Park Ranger
Wanda Olszewski – Lead Interpretive Ranger
Delton Daugherty – Region 1 Director
Robert Rice – Park Concessionaire
Peter Stawik – Volunteer Tour Guide
Diana Warner – Volunteer Tour Guide

From TPWD Franklin Mts State Park Complex
Ismael Vela – Logistics

From TPWD Ft. McKavett State Historic Site

Buddy Garza – Park Manager
Gabe Schooley – Lead Interpretive Ranger
Johnny Johnson - Logistics, Park Ranger
Alfredo Munoz - Logistics, Park Ranger
Bill Granberry – Region 7 Director
Friends of Ft. McKavett (John Cobb and many others)

From TPWD LBJ State Park
Iris Neffendorf - Park Manager
Terry Young - Assistant Park Manager

From TPWD Stephen F Austin State Park
Allen Stilley - Park Manager

From TPWD Recreation Grants
Darlene Lewis – Administrative Coordinator, Wilderness First Aid
Tim Hogsett - Director Grants & Aid Branch
Jim Temple – Logistics
Lee Anna Quintanilla – Logistics
Dana Lagarde – Wilderness First Aid

From TPWD Coastal Fisheries – Sea Center Texas
Otis Williams – Operations Manager, HWT Safety Officer
David Abrego – Director, Sea Center Texas
Zetrick Rogers – Logistics

From TPWD Coastal Fisheries – Perry R. Bass Marine Fisheries Research Station, Palacios

Eric Young – Logistics

From TPWD Lake Arrowhead SP
Tad Gose – Logistics

From TPWD McKinney Falls SP
Keith Kreitner – Logistics, Interpretive Program “Mountain Man”

From TPWD Austin HQ – Communications Branch
Lydia Saldana, Communications Division Director – Media Coordination, Staff Support, Cook
Marian Edwards – Logistics and Event Coordinator, Capitol Ceremony
Tom Harvey – News
Abe Moore, Don Cash, Karen Loke – Videography
Lisa Wheeler – Radio
Earl Nottingham – Photography
Andrea Donio – Photography
Chris Hunt – Graphics
Sonia Yeck – Graphics

TPWD Law Enforcement
Bob Newman – GW, Hudspeth Co.
Capt. Gus Sorola – District Commander, El Paso
Maj. Jay Guthrie – Region Commander, Brownwood
Maj. Steve Whiteaker – San Angelo
Matt Kilpatrick – GW, Culberson Co.
Mike Legaretta – GW, El Paso Co.
Scott Jurk – LE Communications Center Supervisor, Temple
Raymond Jaramillo – GW, Menard Co.
Nick Harmon – GW, Brazoria Co.
Barry Bray – LE Communications Supervisor, Austin HQ

From TPWD HQ Infrastructure, Maintenance, Security
Barry Bennett – Utilities, electrical
Chris Deichmann – Site preparation, Logistics
Craig Erekson – Security, Logistics

From Texas National Guard – Camp Mabry, Austin

Horace Williams – Military Affairs Officer
Steve Gray – Scout, Technology Technician, Health and Wellness Assistant
Arthur White – Scout, Technology Technician, Health and Wellness Assistant

From Serna Ranch
Jaime “Slim” Salas – El Paso Area Coordinator, Outrider
Eddie Jasso – Assistant Area Coordinator, Outrider
Ramiro Cervantes – Outrider
Charlie Chavas – Outrider
Tina McNeil – Sponsor

James Nash – Outrider, Mule/Horsesoeing
Cynthia Shelp – Outrider
Becky Short – Outrider
Lee Abrams – Health and Wellness Manager
Dixie Hoover – Project Photographer, Logistics
Charlene Cummings – Project Photographer, Logistics
Henry Crawford – Outrider
Clifton Fifer – Logistics

From Texas Equestrain Trail Riders Association
Kelly Boesen – Wagonmaster
Barbara McKnight – Wagonmaster
Jenny Allen – Wagonmaster
Levi Auldridge – Wagonmaster
Juanita Brooks – Wagonmaster
Vernon Leuschner – Wagonmaster
Rodgers McCurdy – Wagonmaster
Blanfard Perry – Wagonmaster
Lyle Schnuelle – Wagonmaster
Bill Winton – Wagonmaster

County Historical Commissions
Bernard Sargent – President, El Paso County Historical Commission
Joe Allen – Crane County Historical Commission
K.V Murphy – Aerial Photography
Carlton Kothman – Menard County Historical Commission

Madera Students (see their pictures)
Participating Texas Schools
(see students' pictures)
Slider Elementary, Socorro
Dell City Middle School, Dell City
Regan County Middle School, Big Lake
Crane Middle School, Crane
McCamey Middle School, Crane
Rankin Middle School, Rankin
Menard Middle School, Menard
St. Louis Catholic School, Waco
DeWitt Perry Middle School, Carrolton


This educational project is a partnership venture of Madera Unified School District, Madera, California; the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department; the Texas Historical Commission; and the many generous and gracious communities along the route.

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