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Artificial Reefs

Creating Artificial Reefs (Real Media)

What's an Artificial Reef Like? (Real Media)

34 Reef sites off the shores of Texas
Petroleum Platforms Are Complex Structures
Explosive Removal
Partial Mechanical Removal
Liberty Ships
Natural Rocks
Deployment of Reef Balls Offshore
Tubular Sponges on Steel Leg of Rig

Sea turtle

Reef Butterflyfish

Townsend Blue Angelfish

Juvenile Red Snapper and Sheepshead

Rock Hind Grouper

Juvenile French Angel

Spanish Hogfish


Barnacle covered with Sponges


Tubastrea- Soft Coral

Cup Corals- Hard Corals

Spiny Urchin

Aggressive Tunicate

Donations to the
Artificial Reefs Program

45 oil and gas structures
12 Liberty Ships
1 U.S. Navy YR-26 barge
4 barges
1 tugboat
44 concrete culverts
300 fly-ash blocks
132 reef balls
50 quarry rocks
1 welded pipe structure

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