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Coastal Trash Analysis – Van Vleck (Real Media)

Along the Rio Grande – Laredo (Real Media)

O. H. Herman Middle School

Van Vleck Garbology studies along the Colorado River
Selkirk Island, Colorado River- Kicknet
Typical catch is grass shrimp, crabs, and clay
Linville Creek tributary to Colorado River has become bi-county dump site
Linville Creek Cyber Site1: Testing for salinity; standing BK. Katie Brooker, Jalynn Reutsch, Denae Trahan, Rebecca Clements, Vicki Talefuse
Matagorda beach jetty on typical December day
Tropical Storm Francis '98 took out 60' section of pier
Shark fin found during beach trash survey
National Marine Debris Monitoring Project: Reg. 5-site 6 Beach survey, Dec. 99
Avg. 25-30 bags of trash, 500+/-lbs. mainly plastics
Rubber glove used on off-shore rigs: bears distinctive diamond shaped Turtle bite marks
Joy Peters: Balloons found during cleanup that actually came from our school!

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