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NASA: How Astronauts Teach Us About the Earth

NASA, Part 1 (Windows Media) | NASA, Part 1 (Real Media)
NASA, Part 2 (Windows Media) | NASA, Part 2 (Real Media)

Astronauts Learn about Earth Studies

Astronaut Candidates doing field sampling for water

Astronaut Candidates doing field sampling for water
quality in Galveston Bay.

photo of marsh habitat

Marsh habitat in Galveston Bay

NASA Photos Help Us Learn More About the Earth

Galveston Bay from the Space Shuttle

How NASA helps us learn about earth: "Dynamic Earth Environments" book

Urban growth

Pictures of Dallas in 1969 (taken from Apollo-9) and 1996 (taken from Space Station Mir). The Dallas-Fort Worth Metro area increased in population by 88% (to 4.3 million) but the area covered by the city increase by 102% (to 300,000 square kilometers).

In this image the built up areas from 1969 and 1996 have been identified and combined together to illustrate the change in city "footprint."

Coral reef mapping

This Photograph of Bahrain (in the Persian Gulf) was taken by astronauts from the Space Shuttle. The red lines show the best existing map of coral reefs in the area. You can see that there are a number of conflicts between the two, showing a need for better mapping.

Scientists can use multiple images to map reefs better. The cloud patterns will be different in different images. The white spots in both of these images are coral reef pinnacles in the middle of a lagoon in the Pacific Ocean. The spots labeled "2" are tiny clouds.

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