Service Learning: Tascosa High School

Deborah Rae Turner, Dustin Montgomery, Tascosa High School

Tascosa High School (Real Media)

Tascosa High School's Advanced Placement Environmental Science Class

Class participated in a service learning project at Buffalo Lake with the seventh grade class at Austin Middle School.

They prepared before going to Buffalo Lake by learning how to use the instruments at Medi Park.

While at Buffalo Lake, the class discovered catfish skeletons and gypsum rocks.

Students shared their results and observations with the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (Now Texas Commission on Environmental Quality).

Students presented their service learning project to teachers at a workshop at the Education Service Center.

Students utilized Tascosa's excellent Multimedia Lab to compile their presentation for the school board on a CD-ROM.

Students had a lot of fun doint this project, and it was a great learning experience.

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