The Red River Wars – Two Views

The year is 1854, seven years after the treaty at Medicine Lodge. The treaty restricted the Native Americans to the reservations of Oklahoma, with bison hunting privileges as long as the bison roamed the plains. In the meantime, market hunters were killing off thousands of bison herds, often leaving them to rot in the fields. The Plains Indians are angry. Gray Eagle (Billy Turpin) and a Corporal in Col. Ranald Mackenzie's Cavalry (Jimmy Northcutt) recreate the points of view of these two opposing sides.

Red River Wars: Two Views (Windows Media)
Red River Wars: Two Views (Real Media)

Jimmy Northcutt (cavalry officer) and Billy Turpin (Native American chief) conducting one of their interpretive programs at the park

The battleground from the head of the trail where McKenzie entered the canyon

Ceta Canyon, the escape route the Indians used during the battle

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Learn more about the Red River War from the Texas Beyond History web site by the University of Texas and Texas Historical Commission

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