History of Tom Miller Dam

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The original Austin Dam was constructed in a893 by the City of Austin.

Austin Dam was billed as "the largest masonry dam spanning a major river." It was to be a short-lived success story.

Just 6 years later, in 1900, a major portion of the Austin Dam was washed away during a large flood.

Reconstruction of Austin Dam started in 1912 by the City of Austin. The new dam was hollow, with 57 wooden gates to control floods.

During the 1915 Flood, the dam suffered extensive damage.

In 1935, 1936 and 1937, floods struck the crippled dam again and again. Probably the most famous picture was taken in 1937 when a boathouse got stuck on the spillway section.

The old 1890 dam section was reinforced with a concrete overlay, and concrete piers were installed in the 1912 section for additional strength, with new radial arm floodgates.

Today, the LCRA is studying the ability of the dam, including the original sections built in 1890, 1912, and 1938, to withstand a large flood.

A maintenance driveway was constructed of Red Bud Trail to provide access to the dam for future construction.

When work is completed, the dam will be able to withstand the worst flood that occur, even the floods of the 1930s.

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