Collecting and Sharing Your Stories

Guidelines for Submitting Oral History

Each community and family has a flavor all its own. This may be reflected in foods, activities at community celebrations, even games at birthday parties. Students can learn so much from the people around them. Have them talk with relatives, neighbors, visit a nursing home, museum or historic site.

Please keep stories brief, one to three paragraphs is best. Email would be the easiest for us, but we will accept letters. We can handle a limited number of pictures. You can email jpegs or mail pictures or slides. We can scan photos or slides and return them, but plan on this process taking a while. If you know how to create a web page, email the web page to us. If you have an educational, non-commercial website, we can link to the page there.

If first and last names are used, please get permission from the subjects to share the story on our website. Email stories to:

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