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Alaska Coastal Habitats

Scenes from the video:
Rich Capitan in his research boat. active volcano Alaskan mountains
Alaskan forests Plains Snow and ice
my Haddow answers your questions

Rich Capitan, Alaska SeaLife Center tells us about Alaska. How many miles of coastline does Alaska have? How does the Alaska SeaLife Center do its research? Amy Haddow, Alaska SeaLife Center, answers students' questions from the chatroom.

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More Questions and Answers – second show: Windows Media Player / Windows Media | real player Real Media

Map showing Alaska's 33,000 miles of coastline.

Floating ice from glacier in Seward, Alaska.

maritime scene
Mount McKinley at 20,000 feet, the highest mountain in North America.

Katchemak Bay National Wildlife Refuge

Looking for marine wildlife.

Alaska Peninsula

Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Refuge in winter

Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Refuge in summer

Walking the Beach in Alaska


Kenai National Wildlife Refuge

(Video presentation continues on Alaska SeaLife Center page.)

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