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From the live webcast, Sea to Shining Sea - November 14, 2003

8:30:17: moderator: Hi, and welcome to the Sea to Shining Sea Webcast chat!
8:52:20: marshall price t. young : Marshall Price T. Young is here and excited about this web cast
9:01:56: bloomers bunch : How long does it take to get a true sand only beach?
9:04:03: guest1 : we are in Duncanville Texas
9:08:34: lauren rafter : Is Van Vleck there
9:09:57: seacenter : Yes, they are!
9:11:15: van vleck 1 : are the kids going to come on?
9:12:03: van vleck 1 : how cold does it get there?
9:12:48: seacenter : The kids will come on in just a few minutes.
9:13:24: sealy6 : are  whales in the gulf of mexico
9:13:42: guest6 : How big is Alaska?
9:13:49: breckenridge junior high : Is it cold in Alaska?
9:13:56: coach morris ccity tx : What time of year is it now...daylight or dark
9:14:36: sealy4 : what kind of animals do you have in alaska
9:15:36: breckenridge junior high : How many nests of Kemps-Ridley sea turtles have been found on Padre Island?
9:15:54: sealy3 : Do you have water sports.
9:16:19: seacenter : Someone had asked the question: How long does it take to create a true sand-only beach? Bill Balboa says that it depends on where the beach is located. In Hawaii, they have volcanic beaches. In Florida, they have coral beaches.
9:16:31: breckenridge junior high : Is Mt. McKinley an active volcano?
9:16:40: sealy2 : why do you call saltgrasses saltgrasses?
9:16:43: cori : hey
9:16:49: jake : hello
9:16:53: sealy6 : why does salmon swim up sea
9:17:03: seacenter : In Texas, we have sand beaches because of the sediments carried by the rivers that empty into the Gulf of Mexico.
9:17:11: josh : hi everybody!
9:17:19: tom and class : Are there lots of different types of fish in Alaska
9:18:11: sealion : Lamar Middle School Temple, Tx
9:18:24: ali and clint : Hey i was wondering about the types of fish that live in alaska because the water is so cold, could you help me?
9:18:27: kennedy-powell : Fom Emily in Temple, Texas: Are there any Polar Bears in Alaska?
9:18:31: guest6 : Have you ever walked on a glacier?
9:18:38: josh : i think tere are lots of fish in alkaska
9:18:40: ms.lopez : Araceley from Roosevelt Elementary in McAllen, Texas wants to know: If there are pirahnas in Alaska?
9:19:24: ali and clint : ok
9:19:47: ali and clint : Yes i think there are polar bears in alaska
9:20:59: seacenter : Someone asked the question: How many Kemp's Ridley sea turtle nests have been found on Padre Island?
9:21:12: seacenter : Robert Adami says there were 19 found in
9:21:18: mrybarski : good morning from onalaska texas intermediate
9:21:21: sea center 2 : Pirahnas are a tropical species
9:21:31: ms.lopez : Freddy from Roosevelt asks: How many earthquakes per year?
9:22:21: eastland : Siebert Elementary, Eastland, Texas asks, What is it like doing research?
9:22:24: ms. mckelvy's class : Hello from Houston, Texas!!!
9:22:43: guest6 : Do you get to see sea turtles and howbig are they?
9:23:44: princessfrog : hi
9:24:03: guest9 : How much rain does Alaska get?
9:24:27: rebeca : Hello
9:24:48: guest6 : How often  do you see sea turtles
9:25:17: sea center 2 : Yes we do! They range in size from a big dinner plate to a volkswagon beetle
9:25:23: pete : Do we have whales in the Texas gulf coast? If we do what species?
9:25:30: rebeca : Are fishes color blind or can they even see color?
9:25:34: shh : Is Adam Lovgren there?
9:25:43: seacenter : I'm Bill Balboa a fisheries biologist and I'm going to answer the research question...research is fun and very rewarding but it requires a lot of discipline and time.  You have to be willing to learn statistics and spend lot's of time in the library.
9:26:33: ms. stanley : From Ms. Stanley's class in Houston TX...How many species of animals live in the Alaskan ocean?
9:26:45: phillip : What interactions occur in an ecosystem?
9:26:46: vernon middle : How heavy (or light) is the safety suit?
9:26:52: g's class : What would you do if you were stranded in the forest of Alaska? What gear would I want to have?
9:26:56: sea center 2 : fish can see some spectra of color
9:27:17: too cool mike : how is everyone doing
9:27:29: g's class : How did the people survive the volcano? How did they rebuild their city?
9:27:49: g's class : How big to harpseals grow?
9:28:15: phillip :100
9:28:35: julian : hello
9:28:41: ms. stanley : From Ms. Stanley's class in Houston TX...What types of fish are in the tank behind the presenters?
9:28:53: mr. stumpf : How cold does the water really get in Alaska?
9:28:54: seacenter : This is Bill the biologist again....their are a whole bunch of ecosystem interactions that involve weather, predator-prey relationships, biochemical relationships etc.
9:29:13: too cool mike : how long does a manta ray live
9:30:09: ms. stanley : From Ms. Stanley's class Houston TX...How do species survive a hurrican?
9:31:53: sea center 2 : Species survive hurricanes by going with the flow
9:31:56: van vleck rocks : hi brittany!
9:34:04: seacenter : Someone asked what are the fish in the aquarium behind the presenters. There are nurse sharks, green moray eels, red snappers, crevalle jacks, gray snappers, red drums, cobias, black drums, Atlantic spade fish, and a huge Queensland grouper named "Gordon."
9:35:00: ross : How are fish able to comoflouge theirselves if they only see a spectrum of color?
9:35:16: lexy : Hola Muchachos! Adonde estan?
9:35:17: guest11 : The Daniel Wranglers from Duncanville, TX say hi!
9:35:31: mark : how many species of marine organisms are there that scientist know of?
9:36:30: mr. stumpf : What kinds of snakes are there in Alaska?
9:37:01: ali and clint : The sea urchin on the video, is it poisonus?
9:37:06: sea center 2 : Fish also have chemoreceptors, besides vision where they are able to sense environmental changes
9:37:09: gdgdgdgdggdg : are there any poisonius urchin
9:37:25: mr. stumpf : Mr. Stumpf's Raiders from Byrd Middle School - Duncanville TX say What's Up?
9:38:17: candace : hey ali, I didn't know we had a state shell
9:38:33: ali and clint : do u answer our questions?
9:38:58: seacenter : We are answering as many questions as we can!
9:39:08: sexy lexy : How do scientists collect data to study ecosystems?
9:39:23: ali and clint : i wonder does the snail live in the shell for all of their lives?
9:39:40: sealy6 : HOW OLD ARE THE Seals
9:39:58: sealy2 : How do herment crabs eat?
9:40:08: ali and clint : thank you seacenter!!
9:40:24: ross : do fish sleep
9:40:38: sea center 2 : snails live in their shells all their lives
9:41:12: eliseo : How big is the temperature difference in Alaskan and Texas coast?
9:41:31: speedy : hello
9:41:40: ali and clint : the shells, do creatures other than snails live in them?
9:41:54: sea center 2 : Yes, fish do sleep
9:41:54: laneq : what does a lightning welk do
9:41:59: jordan : How long does a Star Fish live?
9:42:18: sealy4 : how   old    do  seaturtles  live
9:42:52: vernon middle : Are any endangered?
9:43:00: sealy2 : Are there poler bears in Alaska?
9:43:56: ross : What is the purpose of otters in the ecosystem?
9:44:20: seacenter3 : Bill the biologist again...lightning whelks are basically big snails that prey on other molluscs
9:44:21: lizzie mcguire : how long have you been on here
9:44:42: s love : that  test was weard
9:44:49: julian : How does the ocean ecosystem work
9:44:51: ali and clint : what kind of turtles live in Alaska?
9:45:59: sealy2 : How many eggs do fish lay?
9:46:08: ali and clint : What do turtle eggs feel like?
9:46:22: jordan : What does a sea turtle eat?
9:46:39: stephanie : Could an animal native to Texas be able to adapt to the environment in Alaska, and vice  versa?
9:47:12: will : what else are scientists attempting to learn by studying the oceans and other seacreatures?
9:47:22: sea center 2 : Depending on species, Redfish lay 200,000 to 2 million in one spawn
9:47:22: andrews : hello guys
9:47:35: ali and clint : how many types of sea lion live in Alaska?
9:47:51: bliss : 120 would be my guess
9:47:55: seacenter : Sea turtle eggs feel like soft, squishy ping-pong balls. They are leathery on the outside.
9:48:25: sealy2 : How slow are sea turtles?
9:48:48: seacenter : Sea turtles are like people. Some are vegetarians and some like to eat seafood.
9:49:03: ali and clint : The whales that live on the coast, how many species are native to the gulf?
9:49:10: carob : What is the most commom marine animal injury you get at the Alaska SeaLife Rehabilitation Center?
9:49:31: sea center 2 : animal species are adapted to their environment and are rarely able to adapt to extremes, as The transition from Alaska to Texas
9:50:26: mya : do you know what the most endangered sea animal is?
9:50:32: lexy : How long do sea turtles live?
9:50:48: jordan : Are some fish canables?
9:50:54: gfgfgfgfgfgfg : can you eat crocidles
9:51:38: seacenter : Sea turtles live from 60-100 years. That's longer than most people live!
9:51:39: goodgame : What kinds of whales are in the Gulf of Mexico?
9:51:44: aubree : where do you find sea lions
9:52:04: ali and clint : Do sea lions have certain breeding grounds that they travel to each year?
9:52:07: mya : okay . Well isn't it sad that there is even a animal in danger
9:52:25: sarah : What does a sandollar eat
9:52:31: seacenter3 : Bill the biologist...yes most fish are cannibals
9:52:41: bloomers bunch : We are having trouble staying connected. Will do the best we can.
9:53:04: s love : how many eggs dose a Rittles sea turttle lay
9:53:06: will : how well would sea creatures survive without humans to interrupt thier way of life
9:53:10: mya : do you know what the most endangered land animal is
9:53:23: ali and clint : In Alaska is the water so cold that some species have died out because of it?
9:54:02: seacenter3 : Bill the biologist...sanddollars graze on plants and small animals that live in the sand
9:54:03: mya : Do you know the most endangered fish is
9:54:40: mya : Yes , moderator it is true
9:54:40: ross : is the diversity of ocean species greater in the gulf of mexico or in alaska?
9:54:58: will : is it possible to crossbreed different types of sea turtles
9:55:00: seacenter : Just about any species of whales that occur in the Atlantic Ocean can be found in the Gulf of Mexico. The most common whales we find here are the pygmy sperm whales, sperm whales, and beaked whales.
9:55:07: ali and clint : Do the sea urchins spines have poison in them?
9:55:18: seacenter3 : Robert the biologist says there are upto 100 eggs layed in a clutch
9:55:20: eliseo : Do fish adapt effectively in rapidly changing environments?
9:55:57: sealy4 : How  many   volcanos  were  in  Alaska
9:56:01: seacenter : Sea urchins do have a little poison in their spines, but it will not hurt humans.
9:56:10: mya : tell me more about thesse endangered  sea urchines
9:56:32: ali and clint : The sea tutles, how close are they to dying out?
9:56:37: sea center 2 : Fish DO NOT adapt effectively in rapidly changing environments
9:56:42: mya : what will the poision hurt then/
9:56:56: sealy2 : For fish is it blury to their eyesite?
9:57:27: mya : moderator , what does affect the sea urchines
9:57:42: sea center 2 : Urchin poison hurtsthe little fish and other small invertabretes
9:58:08: ali and clint : How many species of sea turtles are endangered?
9:58:47: carob : What is the most commom marine animal injury you get at the Alaska SeaLife Rehabilitation Center?
9:59:25: ali and clint : What kinds of sea lions live in Alaska?
9:59:28: sealy4 : Are there any rumors about sea monsters
10:00:07: irri : what is the leading pollution factor in the ocean
10:00:20: stephanie : If you took plantlife from Alaska and made it grow in a warmer climate, would it be able to adapt?
10:00:30: ali and clint : At the sea center, are all your animals captively bred?
10:00:35: sealy6 : how big are the sea turtles
10:00:42: w1ll : will humans ever finish mapping the oceasns floor?
10:00:46: carob : What is the (Scientific) Name for baby seaturtles?
10:00:56: sea center 3 : all sea turtles are endangered
10:01:36: sea center 3 : This is Robert the biologist, i work with a lot of sea monsters
10:01:36: ali and clint : Are the shells inhabited by anything other than snails?
10:02:00: vernon middle : Why do you call them mustang suits?
10:02:03: jakob : do ripley's sea turtles mate with more than one female in their life
10:02:30: john : are sea lions smart
10:02:33: cori : Do aligators have only one mate or do they change from time to time?
10:02:39: ali and clint : What is the scientific name for Sea Lions?
10:02:53: seacenter : Bill the biologist...unless a lot more money is given to marine research it is doubtful the seafloor will be mapped anytime soon
10:03:28: sealy2 : Do snapping turtles hurt when they snap?
10:03:29: ali and clint : What do you mean by sea monsters?
10:03:32: sea center 2 : Only Red Drum and Spotted sea trout are capitively breed at the Sea Center
10:04:10: eliseo : Is over-fishing still a leading problem in Texas coast?
10:04:11: sealy4 : How  many   people  live  in   Alaska
10:04:14: john : what is the biggest threat to sea turtles
10:04:35: seacenter : Snapping turtles can bite someone's finger off. They have a very powerful bite.
10:04:50: laneq : what does a lightning welk do
10:04:56: shanna : what is the most common injury of any animal
10:05:06: ali and clint : The seafloor, is it because we dont have enough money or reasearch in the ocan is dying out?
10:05:38: candace : How big do seals get?
10:06:00: coach morris ccity tx : How big does an average stellar sea lion get?
10:06:23: ali and clint : How big a problem is pollution in the Gulf?
10:06:53: mr. stumpf : Which has more species, Alaska or Texas?
10:06:55: tami : Thank you for stressing the importance of wearing a PFD at all times while in a boat.
10:07:30: ali and clint : is over fishing a problem to all the predators or just some of the animals?
10:07:57: sealy2 : How many teeth do sharks have?
10:07:59: sea center 2 : It is possible that over-fishing is happening but TPW is proactive and constantly monitoring the issue
10:08:32: seacenter : Robert the biologist says, overfishing is problem for all fish not just predators
10:08:34: ali and clint : What types of animals eat the sea lions?
10:08:51: sealy4 : What   kind  of   animals  are  in  Alaska
10:09:00: stephanie : How long to sea turtles live?
10:09:04: guest19 : Are there a lot  of moqito's biteing you
10:09:06: monkey : does texas' coast or alaskas have more predators?
10:09:41: ali and clint : what types of animals eat The Riddley Turtles?
10:10:01: seacenter : Robert the biologist says, sea turtles can live upto  years of age
10:10:08: sealy6 : when valcanoes erupted does it pollute the air
10:10:44: ali and clint : Robert, how does the center monitor the over fishing?
10:10:53: sealy2 : How  did sealions get there name?
10:11:06: guest19 : how do animals survive  when  it  gets  very  cold
10:11:24: seacenter : Robert the biologist says, ridleys are eaten by people, sharks, seagulls and other fish
10:11:38: ali and clint : The underwater volcanoes, do they pollute the ocean?
10:11:43: eliseo : Are there many coral reefs in Alaska?
10:11:45: irri : why is the ocean blue
10:11:49: sea center 2 : The Alaska web connections is experiencing difficulties at present, they are resolving the problems
10:11:49: seacenter : Robert the biologist says, sea turtles can live upto 100 years
10:11:54: alex : Is that a real seal or a stuffed animal?
10:12:22: sarah : What does a starfish eat
10:12:26: goodgame : how do they get the stomach transmitter back out of the seal?
10:12:30: stephanie : When do you think the contintental drift occur?
10:12:32: sealy4 : How  many  birds   are  in  Alaska
10:13:04: ali and clint : What kind of animals live near the volcanoes?
10:13:20: shanna : what is the most common injury of any animal
10:13:54: dfgdfg : have you ever got hurt by sea lions
10:13:58: sea center 2 : Tube worms and bacteria live near the volcanoe vents
10:14:18: ali and clint : Robert, are predators more of a threat for the Riddleys or pollution?
10:14:19: guest19 : are there alot of  volcanos
10:14:25: alfred : why do they call blue fox a blue fox?
10:14:45: monkey : can humans get hurt by sealions?
10:14:59: aubree : how many sea animals about are there
10:16:14: sealy2 : how do sea lions eat
10:16:17: alex : What is the leading cause of pollution in Alaska?
10:16:18: seacenter : Robert the biologist says, both are a threat, people need to stop throwing trash over board from vessels, oil rigs etc, but as small turtles they are easily eaten by predatory fish
10:17:09: irri : Robert, why is the ocean blue
10:17:42: ali and clint : How many sea turtles live in the Gulf?
10:17:43: guest19 : how can you tell the diferrentce between male and female
10:18:03: ali and clint : How is sand made?
10:18:18: sea center 2 : There are five different types of sea turtles in the Gulf
10:18:34: carob : What is the (Scientific) name for baby Sea turtles?
10:18:47: ali and clint : How do you recover the transmitters from the sea lions stomach?
10:19:02: monkey : why is there different kinds of sand all over theworld?
10:19:37: ali and clint : What is the scientific name for Sea Lions?
10:20:05: stephanie : How many sea creatures die in a year?
10:20:13: ross : Why do sea turtles have shells?
10:20:19: ali and clint : What types of animals do you recover most from the ocean?
10:20:21: irri : Robert, do u belive that one day sea turtles will be extinct
10:20:29: guest19 : do you know how old are sea lion
10:20:45: bobnaustin : sand is a result of broken down materials in the watershed; different watersheds contain different parent materials so the sand on the beach is related to the watershed supplying it
10:20:56: seacenter : The scientific name remains the same as the adult for kemps it is  Lepidchelys kempii
10:21:27: ali and clint : Do the predators in the air contribute largely to the endangerment of the sea animals?
10:21:50: seacenter : Sea turtles hopefully will not become extinct with the help of man an our regulations to help keep the populations up
10:22:32: guest19 : Do you know how old sea lions are
10:22:41: alex : What is the leading cause of pollution in Alaska?
10:22:50: eliseo : What is the largest Great white shark ever caught out of waters?
10:23:07: ali and clint : Sea Predators, do they sometimes cause extinction because of their species over populating and eating more?
10:23:11: irri : are there other sea animals captively breeded
10:23:31: ross : What is the leading cause of pollution in Alaska?
10:23:39: monkey : can the megaladon really grow up to 60 ft long?
10:24:09: ali and clint : The Sharks, don't they sometimes eat junk that causes internal problems?
10:24:09: jada : About how many sea lions are left?
10:24:52: stephanie : What makes sharks attracted to the smell of blood?
10:25:25: ali and clint : If they do eat junk, what is the most unusual thing you've ever found?
10:25:34: ross : Is there mexican food in Alaska
10:25:46: jada : What is the sea lion greatest threat?
10:26:06: ali and clint : Are the sharks really attracted to the blood, or the meat?
10:26:17: seacenter : robert says, sharks are inately attracted to blood, since what they eat expell blood, so that makes them attracted to it over and over again
10:26:32: alaska sealife : There are many threats to Sea Lions that we are studying, their major predator are Orcas
10:26:41: ali and clint : Is the sspecies of sea lion more endangered or the turtles?
10:26:44: bobnaustin : sharks feed on injured prey and the smell of blood indicates wounded animals are in the vicinity for them to key on
10:27:11: guest19 : have   you  found  any  dinosurs   fossils  in  Alaska?
10:27:20: ali and clint : Are you going to answer us?
10:27:25: tyler : Have you ever had a seel throurgh up the divise you put in thier stomach?
10:28:22: ali and clint : Robert, the sharks, do they eat only meat, or if they are hungry enough will they eat plants?
10:28:40: irri : Robert how many endangered sea animals are there
10:28:52: alaska sealife : Steller Sea Lions have declined 80% in the past 30 years, it's hard to compare endangerment between species
10:29:17: ali and clint : How many teeth do Great White Sharks have?
10:29:39: phoss : In what temperatures can sharks live in?
10:29:53: steph : How recourceful is Alaska in terms of oil?
10:29:56: shanna : are any of the animals from Alaska also in Texas
10:30:04: fwstx-j : the world record Great White Shark, according to the International Game and Fish Association, weighed 2,664 pounds.  It was caught in 1959.
10:30:11: dude : Are there any palacios dudes over there/
10:30:22: ali and clint : Has evolution caused some extinctions in the Animal Kingdom?
10:30:27: dude : Are  you gettin my questions?
10:30:37: alaska sealife : hey there students, its Rich from the broadcast/Alaska - just wanted to say hi
10:30:40: seacenter : The sharks only eat meat,
10:30:41: eliseo : How many species of fish live in Alaska?
10:30:59: guest19 : Are there fish in Alaska that are in the Gulf of Mexico?
10:31:02: steph : Have their been any drastic changes in yearly temperature in Alaska recently?
10:31:07: dude : Were are those baby turtles goin?
10:31:08: ali and clint : The turtles endangerment, how far has it declines over the years?
10:31:10: phoss : In what water tempreture can sharks live in?
10:31:45: dude : Are there any turtles up in alaska
10:31:52: ali : How many sharks live in the Gulf?
10:32:08: candace : Do the humming birds ever stop,ever?
10:32:14: alaska sealife : We don't know how many endangered sea animals there are, we are constantly finding more. That's the importance of research
10:32:15: sea center 2 : There are no commom species between the Gulf and Alaska
10:32:21: phoss : How many different kinds of sharks live in the gulf?
10:32:40: 2 minus 1 : how low is Alskas' sea floor?
10:32:43: stephanie : What is it that jellyfish release when they feel threatened?
10:32:49: candace : How small are humming birds eggs?
10:32:54: tyler : Have you seen a seel die from the camara divise?
10:33:12: jada : What is the farthest that any bird can fly without stopping?
10:33:20: candace : How small are humming birds eggs?from candace
10:33:37: seacenter : Baby turtles are just going out in to the water and continue to swim along to find food
10:33:43: alaska sealife : The average temperature in Alaska has risen slightly in the past few years
10:33:44: stephanie : How much of a threat are sharks in the Gulf to humans?
10:34:15: sea center 4 : Squid will release ink when they feel threatened, but jellyfish do not. Many of them have stinging tentacles that they can use to defend themselves and capture food by paralyzing their prey.
10:34:16: guest19 : How many animals do you breed each year?  P.S.  what animals do you breed?
10:34:45: phoss : what bird has the largest wing spand
10:34:45: dude : huming berd eggs are the size of a qorter
10:34:50: fwstx-j : jellyfish have little stinging cells on their bodies, called nematophores.  These are the cells that sting other creatures.  When they are handled they can leave those cells behind, and they can still sting someone.
10:35:09: alaska sealife : Some birds can fly from the Arctic to Antarctica without stopping.
10:35:16: stephanie : what is the ink that squid release called?
10:36:09: guest19 : are there many stors in  Alaska
10:36:09: seacenter : normally sharks do not go after people, unless it is attracted blood that is being released from an injured human, sometimes women when are menstruating, it can also attract sharks
10:36:20: dude : how many dolphines are killed each day
10:36:32: alaska sealife : There have been no deaths caused by any of the instruments we attach.  They are attached with glue to thier fur.  When the sea lion molts or sheds its fur once a year, the instrument falls off and does not hurt the animal at all.
10:37:06: guest19 : are  there  many  lakes in Alaska
10:37:07: ms. stanley : From Ms. Stanley's class, Houston TX are sea lions endangered?
10:37:14: dude : how many shark attacks are there each year
10:37:38: ali : How many deaths have been caused by sharks?
10:38:04: ali : Are the instruments environmentally safe?
10:38:17: irri : Robert how does human interaction affect the sea ecosystem
10:38:18: eliseo : So Robert is the term, man-eating shark, true?
10:38:33: alaska sealife : There are more stars than you can possibly imagine plus the Northern Lights
10:38:39: ali : Are Sharks naturally aggressive?
10:38:40: guest29 : albatrosses have the largest wingspan of any bird
10:39:04: carob : What is the (Scientific) name for baby Sea turtles?
10:39:30: ali : Also, Robert, how do humans affect the oceanic ecosystem?
10:39:35: gust : how deep of we gone and how many spices are in the sea?>
10:40:02: ms. stanley : Can sea turtles be pets?
10:40:25: seacenter : the human interaction is very difficult to answer, people will be able to contribute in a positive and negative manner
10:40:29: ali : Robert, does the shark smell the blood or sense it?
10:40:34: alaska sealife : The instruments we make are no different then the computer you are working on right now.  They are all incased in either electronics epoxy or some sort of medical grade metal like titanium, so they really are no threat to the environment.
10:40:47: seacenter : seaturtle cannot be pet, they are federally protected
10:41:04: gust : how long can sea turtles live?
10:41:35: ali : Yea, What is the scientific name for baby sea turtles?
10:41:37: seacenter : man-eating sharks is a bad term to use, they do not actively seek humans
10:42:08: ali : Do Sea turtles do well in captivity?
10:42:21: gust : How long can whales live?
10:42:30: phoss : why do you kep answering irri's questions
10:42:31: seacenter : Baby sea turles are named the same, Lepidochelys kempii
10:42:43: seacenter : Seaturtles do well in captivity
10:43:03: ali : In what manner are we contributing now< to the environment?
10:43:47: ali : What is the longest lived whale?
10:43:55: gust : Can whales have more than 2 babies?
10:44:19: ali : How often do sea turtles die in captivity?
10:44:25: gust : How old do planktons get?
10:44:55: jada : How many fish are caught and killed every year in the United States?
10:45:02: stephanie : Why does the eye of a flounder migrate next to the other eye /
10:45:06: ali : How many fish are bred each year in captivity?
10:45:08: john : why do they callit a pink saman when its not pink
10:45:09: gust : What does plankton eat?
10:45:13: alaska sealife : There have been some reported cases of twins in whales, but usually only one of the babies survives.
10:45:44: seacenter : There is no way to know how long sea turtles live in captivity, because they are normally not held that long, they are usually held a small time period and released
10:45:45: ali : What is the death rate for whales?
10:46:01: gust : how old can sharks live to be?
10:46:18: ali : How many Sea Lions die each year?
10:46:25: gust : Are there any plant eating sharks
10:46:37: seacenter : plankton eat other plankton and algae
10:46:44: ali : How many Turtles die each year?
10:46:47: sea center 2 : The flounder eye migrates to the other side as it matures
10:47:02: ms. stanley : Are sea lions endangered?
10:47:04: ali : How many species of whale are endangered?
10:47:13: alaska sealife : The death rate for whales varies from place to place and is dependent on certain environmental conditions.
10:47:26: sea center texas : The whale shark is the only plant-eating shark. They eat plankton and algae.
10:47:35: gust : what do most sharks eat?
10:47:49: ali : How long do Sea Lions live in captivity compared to in the wild?
10:48:20: ali : What do most whales eat?
10:48:21: ms. stanley : Most sharks eat meat
10:48:32: vernon middle : How many pups does a sea lion have?
10:48:40: sea center 2 : The ridley turtles have a 10% or less survival rate
10:48:43: gust : are there any snaks in the ocean
10:48:54: ali : Is Global warming a factor in Alaska?
10:48:55: dude : heh that balboa dude is from placios
10:49:29: ali : How many baby Sea Turtles survive out of a hatch?
10:49:30: alaska sea life-sarah : Sea lions produce 1 pup each year.
10:49:41: ms. stanley : yes there are sea snakes in the ocean
10:49:51: bobnaustin : flounder have developed the strategy of lying in wait on the bottom for prey to swim or float by, so by having both eyes on one side they can use binocular vision in their attack
10:49:55: ali : How is evolution effecting our oceans?
10:50:00: vernon middle : Do they ever have more?
10:50:27: ali : Are there Reptiles that live in the ocean?
10:50:37: vernon middle : Would drilling in the Tundra harm the animals in the area?
10:50:58: alaska sea life-sarah : Out of about 60 eggs layed, there may be only 1 that will return to lay eggs years later.
10:51:01: sea center 2 : The Sea snake is the deadlest and found in the waters off the coast of Australia
10:51:06: gust : what are all the fishes that we can eat from the ocean?
10:51:11: ali : The Flounder, what happens if there swimming sideways and a predator comes, do they have a defense?
10:52:08: alaska sea life-sarah : There have been some reported cases of sea lions having twins, but it is very rare and usually the one of the pups does not survive.
10:52:21: sea center 2 : 1 out of 100 Ridley turtles mature out of each clutch
10:52:22: ali : The over fishing, are we working to bring up the fish population or the species who eat the fishs' population up?
10:53:11: ali : Is ocean oil drilling a problem in the ocean?
10:53:18: sea center 2 : Flounder swim up and down, they don't swim like regular fish
10:53:25: ali : Is the oil killing the animals?
10:54:21: ali : does Commercial fishery present a big problem to the over fishing problem?
10:54:48: ali : Do the hatcheries help the population or do they die because of bbeing bred in captivity?
10:54:50: gust : how many people die from sharks attacks?
10:55:13: ali : What are flounders predators?
10:55:39: sea center 2 : It has it's benefits by creating artificial reefs, however if there are any spills it will have an adverse impact on the local ecosystem.
10:55:49: ali : Can we breed sea mammals in captivity and still release them to the ocean?
10:56:33: ali : Do Sea Mammals die out more than fish?
10:56:33: gust : how many eggs a year do turtles lay?
10:56:57: ali : Do Sea Lions have any predators that eat them on land?
10:57:05: gust : How many times do sharks get hunted a year?
10:57:20: ali : How many trout survive after breeding?
10:57:46: gust : How can coral reef protect things?
10:57:59: ali : Is all of Pelican Island a refuge?
10:58:00: ms. stanley : How many eggs does a red fish lay at one time?
10:58:08: sea center 2 : Hatcheries enhance the populations by replenishing the natural stocks and increasing wild spawns.
10:58:10: seacenter : Robert says, kemps sea turtles can lay upto 100 eggs, and they have about 2 nest a year
10:58:33: ali : Does the refuge only protect pelicans?
10:58:59: alaska sea life-sarah : Fish will can lay thousands of eggs.
10:59:05: ali : what day is Bird Day?
10:59:44: ali : Rosevelt, did he create the refuge?
10:59:56: bobnaustin : each sea turtle lays about 100 eggs at a time, depending on species; some twice a year
10:59:56: coach morris : We used to have red fish here at Lake Colorado City but they all died from brown algae.  What is brown algae and how does it kill the fish?
10:59:57: seacenter : Redfish can lay many eggs, it depends on the size, they can have anywhere from 100,000 to a million eggs a nite
11:00:11: ms. stanley : What animal ives the longest & how long does it live?
11:00:19: gust : Do octupus always lay at the bottom of the ocean.
11:00:25: coach morris : What is Alaska's biggest fish?
11:00:27: randy : Yes, Teddy Roosevelt in 1903
11:01:12: ms. stanley : how many times do red fish breed in a year?
11:01:36: ms. stanley : how long does it take for the fish eggs to hatch?
11:01:37: gust : Does Alaska have a big whale than all the others?
11:01:45: bobnaustin : if you are visiting the TX coast in summer, call the Turtle Hotline to see if public sea turtle releases are happening on Padre Island 361 949-7163
11:02:20: seacenter : Red fish can breed many times during their spawing period which is in the fall in Texas, late September and October
11:02:24: carob : What is the (Scientific) name for baby Sea turtles?
11:02:36: alaska sea life-sarah : The Basking Shark is the biggest fish found in Alaska waters.
11:02:52: sea center 2 : redfish eggs hatch in 18-24 hours
11:02:56: ms. stanley : how many sea lions so you put the device on in a day?
11:03:27: seacenter : scientific name baby kemps is Lepidochelys kempii, the name is same as for all other adults
11:03:37: alaska sea life-sarah : Fin whales are probably the largest whale that we see up here in Alaska.
11:04:16: alaska sea life-sarah : Right now we are still testing our devices so we use the two female sea lions that live at the Sea Life Center.
11:05:34: gust : Is there any dolphins in Alaska?
11:08:06: alaska sea life-sarah : We have Pacific White Sided dolphins, the rest are porpoises.
11:09:06: guest30 : how many sharks have you studied these following years?
11:10:14: guest30 : how many baby turtles live a year with out getting hurt?
11:10:40: andrew : What ocean do you get your fish from?
11:11:02: andrew : Do You like sea life?
11:11:16: guest30 : how many babies do shark have ever breeding season?
11:12:02: andrew : What kind of fish do you usually catch?
11:12:04: guest30 : how old can turtles live to be
11:12:33: andrew : How do you catch squid?
11:12:57: alaska sea life-sarah : Alaska fishes primarily from the Berring Sea.
11:13:19: guest30 : Does red fish live in Alaska?
11:14:00: alaska sea life-sarah : If we didn't love Sea Life, we wouldn't be here
11:14:07: guest30 : how long can octupuses live?
11:15:15: guest30 : how old does dolphins get to before they deie?
11:17:51: coach morris : What season season in alaska is it now...24hr daylight or 24 dark?
11:19:29: alaska sea life - adam : Octopuses typically live about 5 years
11:19:48: alaska sea life - adam : We have light from about 8 o'clock to 4:30 pm
11:20:45: llamaboy : hello; I'm just trying to join the discussion.
11:22:22: guest30 : how long are whales
11:22:50: guest30 : how long do whales live?
11:23:55: guest30 : what is it like in Alaska?
11:25:15: guest30 : how long do sea tutles really live, how old can they be?
11:25:41: guest30 : How old do sharks get?
11:26:33: guest30 : Is there any dolphins in Alaska?
11:27:03: guest30 : Does plankton live in Alaska?
11:29:00: alaska sea life center : We are still here to answer questions
11:29:04: guest30 : Are planktons plant eaters or small meat eater?
11:29:27: alaska sea life center : Yes, plankton is a major source of food in most marine ecosystems
11:29:43: guest30 : How do sea animals survive in the cold waters of Alaska?
11:30:42: guest30 : How many different types of animals live in the ocean?
11:32:18: guest30 : Why are coral reefs always so colorful?
11:32:38: alaska sealife- adam : Plankton is a broad term, phytoplankton act like plants, while zooplankton wil eat the phytoplankton or other zooplankton
11:33:56: guest30 : Does that mean planktons are plant and meat eaters?
11:34:48: alaska sealife- adam : Bright color is typically associated with being poisonous or harmful,  and acts as a warning flag
11:35:20: alaska sealife- adam : yes plankton can be both, there are hundreds of animals that can be considered "
11:35:25: guest30 : What is the temp.  of the water in Alaska and how do the animals survive in the temp.?
11:35:43: alaska sealife- adam : plankton means they can't swim against the current
11:35:49: llamaboy : What are some sportfish other than salmon that live in Alaska?
11:36:40: guest30 : If the corals are poisonous or harmful then how do we get them out of the water?
11:37:58: alaska sealife- adam : Great question about the water temp, we'll answer that on the air
11:38:43: alaska sealife- adam : Sportfish include: Halibut, rockfish, trout, lingcod and variety of others
11:39:09: alaska sealife- adam : Not all are harmful, and typically what you pull out of the water is their shell
11:39:10: guest30 : Are there any dolphins in Alaska?
11:39:35: guest30 : What is a lingcod fish?
11:40:57: guest30 : Are there any flounders in Alaska?
11:41:31: alaska sealife- adam : There are whitesided dolphins, as well as porpoises such as Orcas and Dall's porpoise
11:41:52: alaska sealife- adam : Lingcod is a member of the greenling family
11:42:08: alaska sealife- adam : Yes we have starry flounders
11:42:17: guest30 : So we don't pull the accual coral out, just teir shells?
11:43:38: guest30 : Are the Orcas and Dall porpoises small?
11:44:30: llamaboy : What are some endangered coastal species of Alaska?
11:44:35: alaska sealife- adam : That's right, a coral reef usually is composed of old dead corals plus live ones. Their shell is the hard bone-like structure you're probably familiar with
11:44:43: guest30 : Are stary flounders very big?
11:45:17: alaska sealife- adam : Their bodies are actually soft, and of the same phylum as Anemones and Jellies
11:46:38: alaska sealife- adam : Orcas (killer whales) and Dall's porpoises are actually quite big. Orcas are Sea Lions main predators
11:48:17: alaska sealife- adam : Starry flounders are usually one to two feet long
11:52:06: guest32 : what kind of animals you have in there
11:53:37: guest31 : what kind of animals do you have
11:54:56: guest38 : daniel
11:54:58: guest38 : daniel
11:55:16: connie : Hello from connie
11:55:39: guest30 : So both the Orcas and the Dall's are meat eaters?
11:57:41: sea center texas : I'm not sure if Orcas and Dalls are meat eaters. Maybe one of our experts at Alaska Sea Life Center can answer that one!
12:01:17: alaska sea life-sarah : We are here to answer your questions about Alaska and the research done at the Sea Life Center
12:03:29: sea center texas : Glad to see you here! I'm at Sea Center Texas. Can you answer a question asked earlier, if orcas and dalls are both meat eaters?
12:05:23: alaska sea life-sarah : Actually we are going to answer that one on the air
12:05:38: mr. stumpf : Howdy from Mr. Stumpf's class - Duncanville TX
12:06:21: alaska sea life-sarah : But the short answer is yes
12:06:47: mr. stumpf : How many species are there at the TX sea center?
12:06:52: llamaboy : What are some endangered coastal species of Alaska?
12:09:16: alaska sea life - adam : Steller Sea Lions - Eastern Stock, Spectacled Eiders are threatened
12:09:33: sea center texas 2 : We only breed two, redfish and spotted sea trout, but we have in captivity representatives of the majority of the Gulfs species
12:10:05: alaska sea life - adam : Red-legged Kittiwakes are declining, and we are studying all of these animals here in Alaska
12:12:51: mkeelan : how big is alaska
12:13:11: mkeelan : how many species of animals are recorded to live in alaska
12:13:53: mkeelan : What kinds of insects live there?
12:14:45: sea center texas 2 : Hi Meredith, Alaska will have to answer that one
12:16:37: alaska sea life - adam : Alaska is one fifth the size of the U.S.
12:17:15: alaska sea life - adam : You could cut Alaska in two, and make Texas the third largest state
12:17:42: sea center texas : Hello which kids in here currently are from Alaska?
12:18:02: alaska sea life - adam : We have mosquitoes, dragonflies, damselflies, mayflies (anything you'd expect in a trout stream)
12:18:19: mkeelan : do yall have any corral there?
12:18:50: alaska sea life - adam : We don't know the exact number of species here since Alaska is so big, and we haven't explored every part of it.
12:19:34: alaska sea life - adam : No we do not have coral up here. We have kelp forests instead
12:19:44: mkeelan : what is the deepest part of the ocean there?
12:21:26: mkeelan : do many animals live in the ocean
12:22:06: mkeelan : how many species of animals are recorded to live in alaska
12:22:47: alaska sea life - adam : I don't know the deepest part, but it gets down to around 11,000 ft
12:23:22: mkeelan : Is there corral there?
12:24:27: alaska sea life - adam : No we don't have coral
12:25:23: mkeelan : what is the average number of cases of frost bite a year
12:25:45: mkeelan : is it true that people get money for living in alaska
12:27:22: alaska sea life - adam : Yes, people get what is called a Personal Dividend Fund or PFD from the oil industry.  Every person even babies get one each year.
12:27:36: mkeelan : do people in alaska have dog camps to train to mush dogs
12:28:50: mkeelan : do people get the flu in alaska?
12:29:09: alaska sea life - adam : There are no real camps where people send there dogs to mush, most people train them themselves.  The bond between a musher and his/her team of dogs is very strong.
12:29:24: mkeelan : how much percipitation does alaska get per year?
12:31:57: alaska sea life - adam : The amount of percipitation in Alaska depends on what part of Alaska you live in.  Down here in Seward we get a lot of rain all year long.
12:32:11: mkeelan : how many schools are located in alaska??
12:32:32: mkeelan : do yall have collages
12:32:50: mkeelan : i votefor the ripleys
12:33:27: alaska sea life - adam : There are a lot of schools from elemetary to College.  There is a branch of The University of Alaska in almost every major city here and some not so major cities as well.
12:33:29: mkeelan : do any off yall live in alaska
12:34:24: mkeelan : do you guys have any running water
12:34:39: mkeelan : How do you keep the pipes from freezing?
12:34:59: mkeelan : do yall have any swimming pools?
12:35:25: alaska sea life - adam : Very few people who live in Alaska are actually from Alaska origionally
12:36:06: alaska sea life - adam : We keep the pipes from freezing the same way you do, by keeping the heat on.
12:39:36:nancy : does anyone know how to get on the webcast on line?
12:40:27: alaska sea life - adam : On the opinion pole the majority is voting to not spend money on saving the Kepm Ridley sea turtle, why vote no to saving them?
12:41:10: alaska sea life - adam : go to the home page and click on join the webcast, then click on Real Player or Windows media player feed
12:41:17: mkeelan : what kind of fish are in alaska?
12:41:22: alaska sea life - adam : it says slow or medium
12:41:57: mkeelan : how cold is in it alaska?
12:42:26: sea center texas : That is an excellent question, Adam. We'd like to know why people are voting against the government spending money to protect the Ridley too!
12:42:36: mkeelan : what time of year is it dark all the time?
12:43:13: alaska sea life - adam : We have a lot of different kinds of fish in Alaska from Pollock to Salmon, Herring, Halibut, tons of Rock fish and cod...
12:43:55: mkeelan : what is a cod?
12:44:39: alaska sea life - adam : Well it depends on what part of of Alaska you are in, in Barrow around the winter soltice it will be dark for 24 hours a day for about 3 months, 3 months with no sun.
12:45:43: mkeelan : im from texas and i just wanted know what was it like in alaska? do yall really live in igloos?
12:47:03: alaska sea life - adam : No we do not live in igloos we live in log cabins and houses just like you. It is very very beautiful in Alaska, but also very cold especially in the winter.
12:48:12: mkeelan : are there any sharks or any type of whales there?
12:48:59: mkeelan : when people hear igloos thew automatically think of alaska...why is this?
12:49:03: sea center texas : We sure are getting a lot of questions about Alaska. Let's try to keep them on the topic of the webcast.
12:49:15: alaska sea life - adam : Cod is a commercial type of fish, it's a white meat fish that lives in the open water and is fished a lot.  Most likely the fish you eat in fish sticks is cod.
12:50:23: mkeelan : what type of food do yall eat?
12:51:01: alaska sea life - adam : We have white sharks and basking sharks as well as many different types of whale such as Fin, Humpback, Right, Killer, Sperm whales...
12:52:44: bobnaustin : There are records of 12 species of whales in the Gulf of Mexico
12:53:35: mkeelan : how do yall keep warm? what type of clothes do yall wear? is it a special kind of clothing?
12:55:01: sealy1 : how many different types of sharks are there and are they in the gulf
12:55:49: mkeelan : do yall have any  types of trees?
12:56:09: sealy1 : what type of fish was Gordon, the fish that has a birthday party and weighs 300 ponds
12:56:34: mkeelan : does it ever get hot
12:56:57: sea center texas : Gordon is a Queensland grouper.
13:00:18: sea center texas : Gordon is kind of a local celebrity. At his 13th birthday party, about 900 people showed up!
13:00:39: sealy1 : what type of alligators are in Texas gulf coast area
13:01:26: sea center texas : The alligator of the southeastern U.S. is the American Alligator.
13:02:00: sealy1 : how much do the stellar sea lions weigh
13:02:03: mkeelan : we have the american alligator and they get anywhere up to 16 ft long
13:02:49: sealy1 : what is the largest mammal in the gulf
13:03:16: sealy1 : where do the white alligators live
13:04:57: mkeelan : do yall have any raccoons or deer?
13:05:36: bobnaustin : There are two records of Blue Whale strandings on the Texas coast during the mid 1900s; both records are in question but that would be the largest mammal if they were actual sightings
13:05:39: sea center texas 2 : Leucitic(white) alligators are found in southern Louisiana
13:07:40: alaska sea life - adam : I'm sorry, I made a mistake earlier mkeelan, there are corals in Alaska
13:08:40: alaska sea life - adam : They are found deep in the Bering Sea in the Aleutian islands, they are quite colorful and just recently being studied
13:08:47: mkeelan : do yall have any kind of diseases of there?
13:11:57: lsmith : Onalaska Intermediate would like to ask who develops the recording instruments for the seals to be used to collect data
13:12:19: mkeelan : whats the biggest fish yall have there?
13:13:31: alaska sea life - adam : The biggest fish we have is the Basking shark.
13:13:48: sea center texas 2 : At Sea center Texas "Gordon" is the largest
13:14:38: sealy1 : why do basking sharks lay on the ground and how can they catch the sea lion
13:14:58: sea center texas : What's the biggest fish in the aquariums at the Alaska Sea Life Center?
13:14:59: alaska sea life - adam : The data loggers that we use are designed and made primarily by the researcher you saw, Dr. Russ Andrews, he also works with other people all over the world to develope new instruments a perfect old ones.
13:15:43: mkeelan : HOW COLD DOES IT GET?
13:16:21: alaska sea life - adam : The biggest fish we have at the Sea Life Center is probably the halibut, or black cod.
13:17:18: alaska sea life - adam : Basking sharks do not eat sea lions.
13:19:07: lsmith : Onalska Intermediate would like to ask, how long do sea lions live?
13:19:19: sea center texas : Basking sharks eat plankton. They sit on the surface when they're feeding and filter plankton through fibers in their gills.
13:20:16: mkeelan : do yall eat sea  lions?
13:20:43: alaska sea life - adam : Sea lions generally live about 15 years in the wild, but they can live late into thier 20's and usually do if they live in captivity.
13:22:40: mkeelan : where is alaska
13:23:25: mkeelan : is there like a map or something that can show us how to get there?
13:25:03: mkeelan : how long does it take yall to answer a question
13:25:25: alaska sea life - adam : A map to get you where?
13:35:19: mkeelan : whats is the population in Alaska\
13:36:42: mkeelan : how many turtles are in Alaska
13:36:47: sealy1 : how many birds live in alaska
13:40:08: sea center texas : I don't know how many species of turtles are in Alaska. Maybe Sarah at Alaska Sea Life can tell us.
13:41:24: sealy1 : why do salmon swim upstream
13:42:02: mkeelan : how many sea turtles are there
13:42:34: mkeelan : approximately how many sea turtles are in alasks
13:42:50: sealy1 : is there a shrimping industry in alaska
13:43:23: sealy1 : what state has the most fish
13:43:59: alaska sea life : As far as I know, we do not have sea turtles in Alaska.
13:44:04: sea center texas : There are four sea turtle species: leatherback and green sea turtles are common. The Pacific Ridley sea turtle and the loggerhead sea turtle are rarely seen in Alaskan waters.
13:45:03: alaska sea life : We do have shrimp in Alaska waters but the shrimp industry is not as big as crab or halibut.
13:46:31: mkeelan : is there any oysters
13:48:15: alaska sea life : The water is to cold for oysters to reproduce in Alaska, but it is perfect for letting them mature.   Alaska produces some of the best tasting oysters on the market.
13:49:40: sealy1 : do you have redfish in Alaska
13:50:49: sealy1 : sometimes our gulf water looks brown, what color is your coastal water and why is it that color
13:51:30: sealy1 : how big is the biggest  type of fish in Alaska
13:51:50: sealy1 : do you have any types of bass in Alaska
13:52:12: sealy1 : what type of whales live in alaska
13:56:57: mkeelan : Has any kind of animals ever froze up in Alaska because of the weather?
13:57:22: sealy1 : how many endangered animals are in alaska
13:58:34: alaska sea life : Redfish are found primarily in the North Atlantic
14:07:22: moderator: Thanks for participating in our Live Webcast and see you next spring!

Originally broadcast November 14, 2003 LIVE from:
  • Sea Center Texas in Lake Jackson, Texas
  • Alaska Sea Life Center in Seward, Alaska
  • National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, West Virginia with help from our partners, the Empowering Science Education through Technology (E-SET) Program:
    • San Felipe-Del Rio Consolidated Independent School District in partnership with
    • partially developed with funding by the Texas Education Agency Technology Applications Readiness Grants for Empowering Texas (TARGET) grant.

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