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Texas Fisheries

Scenes from the video:

What is a fishery? What fishes are in the Gulf? Which unusual Texas fish is related to an equally unusual Alaska fish? How do biologists measure fish poplulations? TPWD biologist Bill Balboa and Connie tell us this and show a short film from behind the scenes in the Sea Center hatchery:

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Red Snapper


Blue crab

Common saltwater sportfish


Fish kill

Resource Sampling using bag seines.

Finfish resource sampling using gill nets.

Catch from a gill net sample.

Catch from a trawl sample.

Sea Center fish hatchery and ponds

Hatchery tanks for adult Red Drum

Transfering eggs to a hatchery incubator.

Larval Red Drum fry

Juvenile Red Drum fingerlings.

Sampling to determine survival of Red Drum larvae.

Sampling for zooplankton.

Harvesting a hatchery culture pond.

Determining weight of harvested fish.

Recording weights during harvest.

Preparing for stocking fish into bay.

Fingerlings being released from trailer.

People enjoying fishing!

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