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Port Aransas Shorebird Sister School

Teacher Marilyn Cook with students Katie and Maggie join us by phone from Port Aransas, Texas to tell their story about being a Shorebird Sister School.

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Port Aransas, Texas

Our speakers, Ms. Cook and students

H. G. Olsen Elementary. (Yes, those are palm trees!)

Students looking at the shorebird web site.

Shorebirds at Port Aransas


Roseate Spoonbill

Deck at Wetlands Center

Steps down to the bay

Port Aransas birding poster

The Port Aransas Birding Center with a variety of botanical planting is a hub on the Great Texas Birding Trail, and home to hundreds of permanent and visiting birds.

Chamber of Commerce staff with the Sister Shorebird City plaque

Student and teacher with plaque at Shorebird School

Special guests Maggie and Katie We're all proud of our plaque!

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