Barrington Living History Farm

Agriculture: Bernadette and Kristin Kraemer, TPWD Barrington Living History Farm, re-enactors, discuss typical activities on an early Texas farm.

Texas Farming (Windows Media)
Texas Farming (Real Media)

Barrington, built in 1844, home of Anson Jones, last President of the Republic of Texas

Double crib barn with ox cart, the center of agricultural activity

Abe and Bud – Team of milking shorthorn oxen with Walt Bailey, ox driver

Field work never ends!

Barrington cotton crop

Replica slave quarters, each housed 3-4 slaves.

When is dinner? Ossabaw Island Hogs eagerly wait for their corn.

Washing butter – Don't let it spoil!

Fireplace cooking – Don't get burned!

1850s food storage – No Tupperware to be found!

Here chick, chick, chick! Dominique chickens

School groups enjoy their visit to the farm.

Feeding time for the Pineywoods cattle

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