Characterizing Texas History in Bronze

Ann talks to Mike O'Brien, TPWD sculptor/exhibit designer, about the process he used to produce the bronze panels found on the facade of the museum that depict pivotal events in the history of Texas.

Texas History in Bronze (Windows Media)
Texas History in Bronze (Real Media)

Original drawing

Small 22" x 32" clay models

Full-sized paper patterns to cut styrofoam

Styrofoam cut from pattern for 11-ft. x 16-ft. model

Clay being applied over styrofoam

Full-sized model next to original small model

Liquid mold rubber being applied over clay model

First Texans: Finished product cast in concrete and stained to look like bronze.


Cattle Era

Cotton and immigration

Oil exploration

Space exploration

Artist as Mexican soldier

Artist's wife as Suzan D

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