The Varner-Hogg Plantation

Gabriel Head, TPWD park interpreter, talks about the history of the Varner-Hogg Plantation.

Varner-Hogg Plantation (Windows Media)
Varner-Hogg Plantation (Real Media)

Sarah Ford, born into slavery on the Patton Plantation

The Patton Plantation (Varner-Hogg) around 1880

Varner-Hogg around 1900

Long-range view of Columbia Oil Field around 1920. Varner-Hogg is in the far background.

Present-day Varner-Hogg Plantation

Portrait of Miss Ima Hogg in her twenties
(Image courtesy of Brazoria County Historical Museum)

Portrait of Governor James Stephen Hogg. He was the first native-born governor of Texas and served from 1892–1895.
Image courtesy of Brazoria County Historical Museum)

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