An Archeologist's Dilemma

Margaret Howard, TPWD archeologist; Eliza, 9th grade; Grace, 9th grade

An Archeologist's Dilemma (Real Media)

Grace and Eliza bring items from Grandpa's Joe's attic to TPWD archeologist Margaret Howard. But what are they, and where are they from?

Without any labels or " context" our archeologist faces a dilemma! Listen and learn the process this archeologist uses to uncover the mystery of artifacts.

Organic or inorganic? What's it made of? Looking at this glass remnant, how does it compare to things we know about?

Where did this spyglass come from?

Pottery shard -- what is this from?

Deer antler

Barbed wire


More mysteries! Grace and Eliza call the Custodian of Time for help!

Only our detectives see Steve and can "plunge" through time

Time to explore!

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