Meeting a the Buffalo Soldier

Ken Pollard, TPWD and Buffalo Soldier Coordinator

Meeting a Buffalo Soldier, Part 1 (Real Media)

Meeting a Buffalo Soldier, Part 2 (Real Media)

Buffalo Soldier, Ken Pollard

Grace takes notes

Yum! Hardtack!

Brick tea and brown sugar!

Feather pens, ink well and packaged powdered ink!

Toothbrush -- handle made of animal bone and real hair bristles! Charcoal and water for toothpaste!!

Portable writingl desk with everything Sgt. Pollard needs.

Sgt. Pollard is proud of his new Brooke Writing Kit!


Wool clothes and leather gauntlets (gloves)

The Buffalo Soldiers overcame much in time of slavery!

Time for Grace to get to her next stop!

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