The Encampment: Thomas Drummond, 1830

David Heinecke, TPWD Interpreter as naturalist Thomas Drummond who documented plant and animal species

Thomas Drummond, Part 1 (Real Media)

Thomas Drummond, Part 2 (Real Media)

Eliza meets Thomas Drummond. Skinning a river otter to send the pelt back for study back east.

A skinned striped skunk!

From Drummond's collections -- what skull is this? See the big eyes and teeth! This carnivore skull is from a cougar!

A bird specimen for scientific study

Spanish moss used to stuff animal specimens used for study

Indigo Bunting

Heron skull

Plant press used to preserve plant specimens

Specimen jars used to send back specimens

Bird bill shaped like tweezers can grab insects, like pliers can crack seeds.

This owl's bill can tear meat

Naturalists keep good notes, drawings and often a journal

Eastern rat snake

Milk snake

Naturalists' tools -- the journal, skinning knife,

travelling pen set including a quill pen and ink,

Magnifying glass


Suture kit

Time's up! Bye, Eliza!

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