New Spain and Seniorita Falcon

Tales of New Spain – Approximately 1760 A.D.

Christina Garcia Conner, TPWD Aquatic Specialist and Descendent of Capt. Blas Maria de la Garza Falcon, early Spanish explorer along the south Texas coast.

New Spain (Real Media)

Next stop, 1760 A.D.!

Senorita Falcon from Spain. They call this new land New Spain.

Drawing what her husband Blas found while exploring with Spanish soldiers.

Skull of a large mammal that swims and comes up for air. What is it?

Concha (shell)


Senorita Falcon draws things her husband finds to teach her children

Grasses near her home

A Rosary given to her by a monk in a local mission.

Telling stories of her husband's travels. He named Corpus Christi Bay!

Senorita Falcon may not travel with her husband, so she busies herself with taking care of her home, teaching her children and recording her world by drawing.

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