Solving The Mystery

What are these artifacts and specimens?
Can you name the time and place for each one?
How were they used?

Here are the questions our archeologists use when faced with new discoveries. Try to hypothesize the answers to these questions as you look at these artifacts and specimens on the web.

  1. Where was it found and with what? What does that context say about its identity, use, and age?
  2. Is it organic (once living) or inorganic? What kind of material is it made of?
  3. How was it made or grown?
  4. Is it whole or broken? If broken, how did it break and what did the whole object look like?
  5. Does it show evidence of wear from use? If so, what activities could produce such wear?
  6. What activities could it be used for? What familiar objects look like it and how are they used?
  7. Is it decorated and/or marked with words? What do those words and/or symbols mean?
  8. How old is it?

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