Tales of a Texas Naturalist: Roy Bedichek, 1945

Dr. Larry McKinney, TPWD Senior Director for Water Policy as Roy Bedichek, Texas writer and folklorist

Texas Naturalist, Part 1 – Folklore (Real Media)

Texas Naturalist, Part 2 – The Frog! (Real Media)

Texas Naturalist, Part 3 (Real Media)

Roy Bedichek, busy writing his Adventures with a Texas Naturalist

Looking at a hummingbird

Close up of hummingbird specimen

Amused by the stories and letters of folklore about animals and separating fact from fiction.

Myth from fact about owls -- messengers of death? Or near people at night because of the food, rats and mice found around farms and cities?

Mexican screech owl -- some people like them and some are worried about them.

Roy tells us a funny story about a pair of screech owls

Roy believed that barbed wire fence may have destroyed natural Texas

A bird-eating frog!

Roy Bedichek was known for his storytelling, writer and as a correspondent. His most well known book is Adventures with a Texas Naturalist.

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