An Urban Biologist in the 21st Century

John Futura, ca. 2030

John Herron, TPWD Wildlife Diversity Director as John Futura

John Futura (Real Media)

John Futura from "Austintonio." He protects himself from sun rays and wears a regenerator mask for an ozone emergency. He's doing field research.

What's in the future??

What's the future of the Golden-ceeked Warbler? Barton Creek Salamander? Devil's River minnows?

Using his instant DNA anyalyzer to study the mourning dove, more scare due to the influx of whitewinged doves

Anyazing a feather in the field

After chemically fixing the feather and spectroanalysis with a laser...John identifies the species and health of the bird and with DNA the individual bird!

Radio locating this bird

Rare beverage can. Salvagers recycle everything.

Eliza and Grace learn about recycling and energy in the future.

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