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TX Outdoor Family Tent Revival (2 min) - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Interested in exploring the great outdoors with your family, but not sure how to start? The Texas Outdoor Family program is here to help. Learn about the program and see a list of upcoming events at: http://www.texasstateparks.org/tof

Horned Lizards on the Move - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas horned lizards have disappeared across much of their historic range, but biologists at the Muse Wildlife Management Area are investigating what it might take to bring them back. Their research is partly funded by sales of Texas horned lizard conservation license plates: http://conservationplate.org/

Money for Texas Horned Lizard

Horned lizards were a common sight. Not anymore. Luckily, money raised from the sale of horned lizard conservation license plates provides funds to study this enigmatic species and to reintroduce the threatened Texas horned lizards. More facts: http://tpwd.texas.gov/huntwild/wild/wildlife_diversity/texas_nature_trackers/horned_lizard/facts/ Conservationplate.org This is a Passport to Texas video: Passporttotexas.org

Sea Rim Rebirth - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

After nearly a decade, Sea Rim State Park near Port Arthur is back on its feet with a new boardwalk , showers, campsites and even a six-person cabin for visitors. Hurricanes Rita and Ike nearly leveled the park and fried its electrical system. Now the park has been reborn with plenty of summer left for family getaways. Texas Parks and Wildlife has this report. The second phase of the park's master plan includes a permanent headquarters, restrooms near the camping loop and elevated tent platforms overlooking the gulf. For more information go to http://tpwd.texas.gov

ShareLunker Care

This video gives a behind-the-scenes look at what happens to a ShareLunker from the time it is picked up from the angler until it is returned to the lake.

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