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Hords Creek Reservoir - 2009 Survey Report

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Prepared by Spencer Dumont and Ben Neely
Inland Fisheries Division
District 1-B, Abilene, Texas

This is the authors' summary from a 21-page report. For a copy of the complete report, use the download link in the sidebar.

Fish populations in Hords Creek Reservoir were surveyed in 2009 using electrofishing and trap nets and in 2010 using gill nets. This report summarizes the results of the surveys and contains a management plan for the reservoir based on those findings.

Reservoir Description

Hords Creek Reservoir is a 510-acre impoundment constructed in 1948 on Hords Creek. It is located in Coleman County approximately 55 miles south of Abilene and is controlled by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Primary water uses included flood control and recreation. Water level was high and relatively stable from 1992 to 1998, followed by a steady decline from 1998 through 2004. It filled in 2005, dropped 7 feet in 2006, and filled in 2007. Water level has steadily dropped since summer 2007 and was nearly 12 ft. below conservation pool in April 2010. Boat access consisted of several public boat ramps. Bank fishing access was excellent, and there were three handicap accessible fishing piers.

Management History

Efforts to increase Florida largemouth bass genotype to 20% have been discontinued because there was no chance of achieving a 20% level. Largemouth bass were monitored in 2009 and the population was abundant and had excellent size structure.


The most prevalent habitat type was dead brush and open water. Aquatic vegetation was comprised of watermilfoil and Illinois pondweed. However, occurrence of these plants at the time of the survey was limited to shore/water interface and provided little value as fish habitat. Substrate consisted primarily of various-sized rock, but a clay/silt/sand composite was common as well.

Fish Community

Management Strategies

Survey largemouth bass and forage fish populations every other year. Consider volunteer creel survey to determine angler effort and catch of sport fishes.

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