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New for 2013 - 2014

Coastal Fisheries

  • A possible change in the federal red snapper regulations in Texas waters is under consideration; check Fishing in Federal Waters for updates. 
  • Fish harassment was clarified to make it unlawful to harry, herd or drive fish to concentrate them for taking. See Fishing Regulations.
  • It is now legal to simultaneously possess a red drum tag and a bonus red drum tag.
  • Beginning Sept. 1, a new law passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature takes effect all along the Texas coast, prohibiting the uprooting of seagrass with an outboard motor propeller. For more information visit TPWD’s seagrass web pages.
  • Provisions were adopted authorizing enforcement of some federal aquatic wildlife regulations in state waters. For more information, see Saltwater Limits.

Inland Fisheries

  • On Lake Jacksonville, retention of two largemouth bass under 18 inches in five fish bag limit is allowed. 
  • On Lake Kurth, only largemouth bass 16 inches or less are allowed in five fish limit; however, one 24 inches or longer may be temporarily retained for weighing or entry into the Toyota ShareLunker program. 
  • On Canyon Lake Project #6 (near Lubbock) only pole and line fishing is permitted. 
  • Restrictions on “Handfishing” are clarified. For more information, see Freshwater Harvest Regulations.


  • A new regulation affecting parts of six Panhandle counties enables buck pronghorn antelope permits to be issued directly to hunters during a three-year experimental season; landowner permission to hunt is still required. 
  • The mule deer season is extended through the last Sunday in January on MLDP properties. 
  • Pending approval at the August TPW Commission meeting, a number of East Texas counties may be removed from the prohibition against using dogs to trail wounded deer, under certain requirements, and hunter education curriculum may be streamlined.  For more information, see Hunting Regulations.

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