Discover Dark Skies Over Texas' State Parks!

PDC Night

Visit a state park to experience the magic of the night sky. Count shooting stars in a meteor shower. Examine craters on the moon. Marvel at the vast universe revealed by a dark night sky.

Stargaze on your own or attend a stargazing program. Some parks have observatories nearby or have telescopes on hand.

Park Pick: Martin Dies, Jr. State Park

Natural Connections

Martin Dies, Jr. State Park

As our group paddles around the curve of a slough, Kimberly spots an anhinga along the side of a creek. The bird throws a large fish up into the air and catches it, and we put our paddles aside to watch as the fish is devoured in one gulp.

"Wow, I can't believe we just witnessed that!" the wide-eyed young visitor exclaims.

The encounter was unexpected, but the trip made it possible. Interpretive rangers at Martin Dies, Jr. State Park in Jasper use these opportunities to encourage visitors to think about nature, giving them a variety of new, fun and thought-provoking experiences. Read more in TPW magazine.

Outdoor Activity of the Month

Paddling in Texas State Parks

Paddling in Texas State Park

Keep cool this summer and gain a new perspective on nature – from the water! Take your family paddling in a Texas State Park.

Equipment rentals are available at many state parks, and 60 Texas Paddling Trails provide well-mapped, day trips for all levels of paddling experience.

How to Paddle a Canoe

Spotlight on Texas Parks & Wildlife

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