Learn to Camp with Texas Outdoor Family

 Texas Outdoor Family

Have you ever wanted to go camping, but didn't know how? We can help!

Texas Outdoor Family hosts camping workshops at many state parks. Bring your bedding, food and family, and we'll provide the camping gear. Rangers will teach you to set up a tent and cook outdoors, along with other camp skills.

Depending on the workshop, you will also get to paddle a kayak, catch a fish or find a geocache.

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Park Pick: Palmetto State Park

Tropical Paradise

Palmetto State Park

Imagine a Texas swamp, fed by warm mineral springs and occasional river flooding. It provides a home to unique plant and animal life. Some of these live almost nowhere else in Texas. Back in the early 1930s, a small piece of that swamp near Gonzales became Palmetto State Park.

Through the Civilian Conservation Corps´ efforts to blend nature into their construction, the park today looks almost as natural as it did eight decades ago. Read more in TPW magazine.

Outdoor Activity of the Month

Geocaching in Texas State Parks

Geocaching in Texas State Park

Discover the fun and mystery of Geocaching in a Texas State Park. It's a wildly popular activity that combines digital gadgets (like your smartphone) and the outdoors - and it's fun for all ages.

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