Sea Rim State Park

Sea Rim State Park Map


The park is located 20 miles south of Port Arthur on State Highway 87. State Highway 87 is closed between Sea Rim and High Island. The park is 10 miles west of Sabine Pass.

The Park HQ is located at:
(degrees, minutes, seconds) N:  29° 40' 31.36"
Longitude (degrees, minutes, seconds) W:  94° 02' 36.99"

Current conditions can vary from day to day.

19335 S Gulfway Drive
Sabine Pass, TX 77655

Latitude: 29.679497

Longitude: -94.043953

(409) 971-2559

Entrance Fees
  • Adult: $3 Daily
  • Child 12 Years and Under: Free

Open 7 days a week year-round.

Busy Season

April through July

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