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Make a 100% tax-deductible donation to Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation, the Department's official non-profit partner. Help make life better outside in Texas; choose to support state parks or other priority conservation and outdoor recreation needs in Texas.

Texas State Parks

Help fund the stewardship, management and operation of more than 90 Texas State Parks and historic sites covering nearly 600,000 acres – and keep them affordable, safe and family-friendly destinations.

Native Wildlife and Endangered Species

Help efforts to protect and assist in the recovery of threatened, endangered and high-priority native species such as pronghorn, bobwhite quail, Kemp's Ridley sea turtle and the ocelot.

Game Warden Training Center

This new facility will provide training for new cadets and ongoing in-service training for all Texas Game Wardens. Donations are needed to fund phase three which will include a swim rescue center and an emergency vehicle operation course.

Inland Fisheries Management

Provide funds to help manage and enhance our state's freshwater resources, including 191,000 miles of rivers and streams, 200 major springs and over 800 public impoundments, to provide the best possible freshwater fishing opportunities.

Coastal Fisheries Management

Donate to help manage and enhance Texas' four million acres of saltwater resources, including the bays and estuaries and out to nine nautical miles in the Gulf of Mexico, to ensure the best possible saltwater fishing opportunities.

Priority Land Conservation Acquisitions

Provide funding for the acquisition of land, conservation easements, and purchase of development rights with the goals of enhancing habitat conservation and increasing recreational opportunities for Texans.

Hunting Opportunities

Support efforts to increase and enhance hunting access to public and private lands and to manage game populations in order to create more affordable and high-quality public hunting opportunities.

Hunter Education and Youth Hunting

Help keep the hunting tradition in Texas alive! Funds are needed to provide introductory public hunting experiences for youth, and to fund high-quality education for hunters.

Conservation Education

Donate to help efforts to educate Texans about the importance of conserving the natural and cultural resources of Texas, increase participation in outdoor recreational activities and encourage safe, legal and ethical use of the outdoors.

Donate by Mail

You may also donate by mail to any of the programs listed above as well as to a different program, project or to a specific site such as an individual state park.

  1. Print and fill out the Donation Form (this option only available for less than $500).
  2. Indicate the name of the program, state park, project or initiative in the memo of your check or money order.
  3. For memorial or "in honor of" donations, also note who it is in memory or honor of in the memo as well.
  4. Mail your check or money order and Donation Form to:
  5. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
    4200 Smith School Road
    Austin, TX 78744

Donations to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (EIN 74-1680372) and Foundation are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. See IRS rules.

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