2013 - 2014
Outdoor Annual

General Rules & Regulations

  1. Fishing Regulations
    License requirements, prohibited acts & possession of fish
  2. Definitions
    Fishing terms
  3. Legal Devices
    Freshwater & Saltwater devices & restrictions for fish
  4. Reservoir Boundaries
    Description of impounded waters
  5. Freshwater/Saltwater Boundary
    Description of waters considered fresh or salt
  6. Fishing in Federal Waters
    Description of federal waters & license requirements
  1. Saltwater Freeze Events
    Coastal areas that may be closed during freeze conditions
  2. Fishing with a Boat
    Safety requirements, anchoring, restrictions & cleaning
  3. Possession & Transport of Exotic Aquatic Species
    Rules against transportation & prevention of spreading exotic species
  4. Laws, Penalties & Restitution
  5. Fish Consumption Bans & Advisories
    Recommendations to limit consumption, species and sizes

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