Where the Bass Are

Your first fishing challenge this spring will be finding water. Unless the weather forecasters are wrong and the skies open up, some of your usual fishing holes will be thirsty puddles. Read more in the TPWD magazine digital extra: Texas Fishing 2014.


Uncover Hidden Treasure


The weather is finally warming up and it's time to get outdoors! There are a million ways to enjoy the nice weather with family and friends, but if you've never tried geocaching, you're missing out. You can participate in a modern day treasure hunt in many state parks and TPWD offers a workshop on Geocaching 101.

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Texas Fishing 2014

Texas Fishing 2014

How's the fishing? Our experts give the outlook for freshwater and saltwater angling in this Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine digital extra: Texas Fishing 2014.


Wildflowers Are Upon Us


Wildflower enthusiasts begin the countdown in late February, knowing the bluebonnets will make their first appearance any time. Texas boasts more than 300 varieties of wildflowers.

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Parks Known for Wildflower Viewing:

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Discover Birding

Birding in Texas State Park

Did you know that “birding” is the most popular sport in America - with over 51 million participants? April is a great time to take your family to a state park and go bird-watching - even while hiking, biking or picnicking. A few resources to check out:

Introduction to Birding PDF

Texas Birds: Introducing Texans to Common Birds PDF

Video on “Bird Migration”


TPWD Celebrates its Many Volunteers


April is National Volunteer Month and we're fortunate enough to call hundreds of volunteers across the state honorary members of the TPWD family. As agency Executive Director Carter Smith notes, “Their talents are many. Their time is a godsend. And, if they were an army, they would be a formidable one.” More »

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Neighborhood Fishin' Adds New Stocked Lake

Boys catfishing

The Neighborhood Fishin' Program is adding a new lake in a new city, the Woldert Park Pond in North Tyler. This makes a total of 16 frequently stocked sites in 10 urban areas, with channel catfish stocking beginning the third week in April. More »

Where to Go Neighborhood Fishin' »


Colorado River Guadalupe Bass Sets State, World Record

Colorado River Guadalupe Bass Sets State, World Record

Dr. Bryan Townsend of Austin was fly-fishing with guide Shea McClanahan on Saturday, February 1, when he landed the largest specimen of the state fish of Texas. The A 3.71-pound, 17-inch Guadalupe bass caught from the Colorado River below Austin appears to qualify as a new state and world record in several categories. More »


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Outdoor Annual iPad Edition

Take the Outdoor Annual with you. Once downloaded, no internet connection is needed to view the Texas hunting and fishing regulations on your iPad.

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