Texas Agriculture Science Clay Target Shooting

This new program introduces Clay Target Shooting to students who participate in "Wildlife, Fisheries and Ecology Management". It is designed to enhance the "Recreation Management" portion of this course by developing personal skills that may be carried on throughout a lifetime of enjoyment of the outdoors. The AG curriculum has specific extracurricular time and this shooting activity may apply as part of that time spent in the field.

During the past twenty years, TPWD has participated in "youth shooting days" at several wildlife management areas, (e.g. Neasloney, Chaparral, Matador, and Nails Creek). These events provide opportunity for students to complete their hunter education course by participating in live-fire exercises and hunter skills trail activities.

During these events, most students gravitate back to the shotgun area and want to continue to participate in this specific activity. Numerous comments are made by students who ask, "Why don't we do this (Shotgunning) as a team event?"

Many students, particularly young women, have stated beforehand, that they could not shoot a shotgun. Yet, when they tried and succeeded, they were hooked and did not want to quit. These teenagers are looking for an opportunity to continue shooting and develop new knowledge and skills, as well as characteristics such as positive communications and self esteem.

AG Clays Rules Summary

Team Rules

For more Information, contact Charlie Wilson @ (361) 275-2178 (home) or (512) 413-0194 (cell) or email: agclays381@yahoo.com. For information, look at the Shooting Opportunities page.

NOTE: Students and schools also have the option to join the 4-H Shooting Sports, or the Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP), where scholarships are available at state and national competitions.

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