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Nature's Nursery
Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, March 2009

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Suggested Topics: learned and inherited traits, parenting, habitat, survival, adaptations.

Related 4th Grade TEKS:
Language Arts:
4.1 A,B,C: Listening, Speaking, Purposes : Listens Actively and Purposefully in a Variety of Settings
4.5 A,B,C,D,F: Listening, Speaking, Audiences : Speaks Clearly and Appropriately to Different Audiences for Different Purposes and Occassions
4.9 B,C,E: Reading, Vocabulary Development : Acquires Extensive Vocabulary through Reading and Systematic Word Study
4.13 A,B,C,D,E,G: Reading, Inquiry, Research : Inquires and Conducts Research Using a Variety of Sources
4.1 A, B: Scientific Processes: Conducts Field and Laboratory Investigations
4.2 B, C: Scientific Processes: Develops Abilities to do Scientific Inquiry in Field and Laboratory
4.3 C: Scientific Processes: Uses Critical Thinking and Scientific Problem Solving to Make Informed Decisions
4.5 B: Science Concepts: Parts Removed from Complex Systems
4.6 A: Science Concepts: Change Creates Recognizable Patterns
4.8 A, B: Science Concepts: Adaptations Increase Survival
4.4 C: Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning: Recall and apply multiplication facts through 12 x 12
4.6 A: Patterns, relationships, and algebraic thinking: Use patterns and relationships to develop strategies to remember basic multiplication and division facts
4.11 Measurement (challenge activity using graph paper or image with grid to determine length, position and comparisons)

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