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Come Fly With Me
Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, May 2009

You may print Come Fly With Me children's pages from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine. We hope you'll consider a subscription to our magazine. Be sure to check out the Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine special offer for teachers. And please let us know your suggestions for future issues at:

Suggested Topics: birds, habitat, migration, land use.

Related 4th Grade TEKS:
Social Studies:
4.6 A, B: Geography: Use geographic tools such as maps
4.7 A, B: Geography: Regions: human activity, landforms, climate, vegetation from physical characteristics
4.6 A, C: Science Concepts : Identify recognizable patterns
4.8 A, B: Science Concepts : Adaptations increase survival
4.9 A, B: Science Concepts : Learned and inherited traits
4.3 A: Number, operation, and quantitative reasoning: Add and subtract to solve problems

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